Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? Get the Facts Here!

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why do baseball players wear chains

Athletes are not exempted from using jewelry as a decorative item. Jewelry pieces may be worn by athletes, including baseball players, as long as they do not interfere with their performance during the game.

Jewelry pieces may come in gold or silver metals and may be adorned with pendants, diamonds, and more. You might have noticed baseball players wearing chains around their necks. In this article, we’ll answer why do baseball players wear chains.

Reasons Why Baseball Players Wear Necklaces


There are four different reasons why baseball players wear necklaces. The reasons vary from player to player, and it is all about the desired effect that they want to achieve.

1. Status Symbol

Jewelry has always been used as a status symbol. A chunky gold chain indicates that the wearer is rich and powerful. Gold is a precious metal and is naturally expensive. As such, wearing one signals that you live a luxurious life and you have a higher status symbol than the average person.

Notable baseball players wear gold chains from designer jewelers and well-known labels.

2. Improvement Of Appearance

Gold chains are statement pieces that can elevate a simple jersey and pants combo. The shiny metal can turn a drab baseball outfit into something fab.

These gold chain necklaces also come in various designs, from simple chains to interwoven pieces. Chains may also be customized to carry a distinct pendant or to have layers. They all have the same effect of making a person look more interesting and attractive.

3. To Attract Female Fans

Baseball stars thrive off of their fan base. Having a loyal group to support them can boost their confidence, which leads to better performance during the game. It also gives a nice ego boost to know that there are people, especially women, who adore, love, respect, and support you.

Baseball players may wear gold chains to attract female fans. This status symbol represents wealth, which is always a desirable feature when looking for a partner to date.

The shiny ornament hanging from their necks makes them easier to spot. This also sets them apart from the rest of the players and translates into female adoration from the crowd.

4. Religious Purposes

Gold chains may be used to express one’s religious beliefs. Some gold chains have a gold cross. The players even have a ritual of kissing the said pendant before they play.

It may seem superstitious, but it allows them to express some form of spirituality that can guide and improve their game. Some players perform better knowing that their faith can guide them to victory.

The gold cross pendants are often small and nondescript. Bulky gold crosses are not used since they can easily break off and may even be potentially dangerous for the players.

Are Baseball Players Allowed to Wear Jewelry


According to the Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball guidelines, players are not explicitly discouraged from wearing jewelry. As such, baseball players wearing necklaces are allowed.

However, the chains should not interfere with their performance nor should they be too reflective of light that they’ll become a distraction to the other players.

Baseball players are allowed to decide whether they wish to wear the chain outside their jersey or underneath their jersey. However, if you are a baseball player and you wish to join this jewelry trend, you must first be aware of the certain risks involved in such a fashion statement piece.

Firstly, chains will always have the chance of getting caught in your fingers, especially if they are unusually long. An oversized pendant may also cause excessive swinging, which can distract you.

Additionally, you must be ready for the possibility that your chain might get broken. There are points in baseball history where notable players have broken their chains during a game. This often costs a fortune to repair.

Types of Baseball Player Chains

The three main types of necklaces baseball players wearing depend on their style and preferences.

1. Gold Chain

A simple gold chain is a classic piece that looks polished and sophisticated. It is lightweight, so it won’t interfere with your performance. Most jewelry stores carry simple gold chains.

2. Gold Plated Chain

Gold plated chains are often chunky, plaited, and interwoven. They are flashy and eye-catching, so a lot of players love wearing them. The biggest downside is the bulky structure, which may become distracting for some. For instance, when you are speeding through the field, the swinging movements of the chain may feel constricting.

3. Gold Cross Pendant

The gold cross pendant on a gold chain is a favorite among religious or spiritual players. It allows them to express their religious side and their faith in a higher being. Some players make a ritual out of their chains.

For instance, they will kiss the cross before they play, which symbolizes their reverence for God. This also makes them feel better and more confident, since they know that they are not alone out in the field.


Gold is universally associated with wealth, status, and confidence. Baseball players are allowed to wear gold chains during games as long as the chains do not interfere with their performance or anyone else’s.

Their reasons for wearing one include improvement of status symbol, fashion purposes, to attract female fans, and for religious purposes. There are different types of chains baseball players wear.

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