Why Baseball is the Best Sport? – Top 6 Reasons

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why baseball is the best sport

What makes a sport the best among the rest? Some say it should be fun, while some want that adrenaline!

A sport that competes for the crown of being the best sport is baseball. The sport gives so many games to look forward to, has great game mechanics, elaborate statistics, and the community is just filled with so much energy and excitement!

If you want to see why baseball is the best sport, keep reading!


Reasons Why Baseball Is Fun


Baseball has been around for more than 150 years since it first appeared as an acknowledged team sport.

The game has been so popular that it established its own professional league by 1876, which is a lot earlier than other sports in the world.

If you need a persuasive speech to understand why baseball is such a well-loved sport, here are some reasons why baseball is fun:

  • Each Season Is Filled With So Much Games

Baseball is indeed one of a kind. Nowhere else in the sports world can you see 162 official games for 30 teams from the American League and the National League. These games are what you would expect per season, and these will be played out for six months.

In contrast, basketball only has 82 games a season and football with just 16. The great thing about the massive number of baseball games per season is that you can find consistency in the team’s performance.

Luck is uncommon to be a pivotal factor in other sports. And, it is not easy to eliminate the element of luck. Unless the sport is like baseball, the players bring out their true potential in its whole game series!

With so many games, there is consistency in the teams’ performance, and the fans have much to look forward to.

  • No Time Pressure Gives Everyone A Great Time

Time is an excellent factor in other sports. In soccer, the teams play out in their 45-minute half times. But baseball does not have such a time limit, which makes it a lot better than soccer.

But, there is no such thing for this baseball game essay. Most of the time, baseball gives players ample time to prepare to help bring out their best pitches and home runs.

Time pressure often ruins the game. But baseball is not caged on too many time pressure schemes so that the playing teams can reorganize their strategies. Also, the teams are given a chance to call a time-out as needed.

The lack of time rules in baseball also prolongs the game unnecessarily. Hence, the MLB tried experimenting with a 20-second pitch clock in their 2019 pre-season. However, there was no mention of having it implemented any time soon.

  • Baseball Knows How To Inculcate The Past To The Present

The history of baseball makes it much more worth the anticipation! The roots of baseball were back during the American Civil War. Soldiers during the war were unified by their love for playing baseball.

And, as the soldiers finally returned to their respective hometowns, they carried the sport with them. The games were cultivated, enhanced, and enjoyed the way it is today!

Baseball is all about making history. There is always a new record-breaking event that happens per season. For instance, the Mariners broke the largest record for wins in a season. The Mariners bagged 116 wins last 2001 and broke the hundred-year undefeated record of the 1906 Cubs.

And the great thing here is that the current fans are part of what makes history happen.

  • The Game Mechanics Are Just Too Good

The great plays in baseball are influenced by its well-curated game mechanics. Firstly, the game mechanics specify that the entire game must be played. There is no random game cut-off, even if a particular team has a specific lead over their opponent.

Plus, the games are just filled with surprises. The players are given many opportunities to return and be at the top of the game. Upon inspection, comebacks are pretty rare in other sports.

The mechanics in baseball makes it relatively rare to come back from a 50-point lead. Being down by three goals in hockey means that you lost already. It is also unlikely for a team to get back up with five straight scores in football to at least tie a losing game.

Baseball is to sport as a somewhat fair game in terms of getting back up as an underdog.

  • Baseball Is Always Something To Look Forward To

If you are looking for a source of thrill, baseball has it for you. Of course, we will not finish this list without going over the anticipated home runs! Home runs are fantastic, awesome, and exciting for the playing teams and the fans.

A dunk in basketball certainly looks good for the game compilation’s picturesque highlights. Scoring in football is just as cool as basketball dunks. But can those games be as cool as giving you the chance to take home the actual ball?

Baseball fans are blessed to have the chance to take an actual baseball from a home run as their souvenir after the game!

Aside from the home runs, many Reddit users show why this sport is filled with excitement. The fans are always at the edge of their seats because an extraordinary and unhittable pitch can happen at any time. Or, a batter can hit the ball at any moment as well.

Similarly, many game mechanics like forced out, doubles or strikeouts can unexpectedly change the flow of the games.

  • The Baseball Fans Make The Games Much Better Than Most Sports

As much as baseball is so much fun to play, the fans also have a fantastic time with it. Fans are unstoppable as early as the opening day.

All the ballparks are full, fans are dressed up with their best sporty and casual attire, and are filled with good vibes for the games!

Seeing fans enjoying the baseball games is already enough for you to be urged to be as lively as them!

The loyalty of baseball fans is also unmatched. The baseball teams do not need to be a back-to-back champion per season, nor would they have to be MVPs so that their fan base would be loyal to them.

Baseball fans are all about rooting for the players’ passion for the game, and it is truly admirable to see such a considerate fanbase. Not to mention that the baseball fans are probably the least toxic fanbase you will see!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do people like baseball?

One admirable aspect of baseball is equity. All team members are given a chance to play and equal opportunities to shine in their spotlight.

Furthermore, baseball is not about your toned and muscular body as esteemed baseball players come in different heights and body types. But they are still at the top of their game!

Why is baseball America’s favorite sport?

Baseball is not just a modern pastime for the American community. Baseball has been a personal and a traditional family experience. Along with the points in this article, baseball grew as a well-loved American sport because of its tie to history.

How can I get better at baseball?

Baseball joins other sports its muscles, and you must only get better with lots of training and practice! So, you can bring out your best athletic self by training with the best coaches and having to get a feel of the field as you play.

Furthermore, baseball is all about that mental game. The players and managers need to look past the physical requirements of the game and dive deep into the mental skills necessary to be the best baseball team ever.


Baseball does not need to be the hardest sport to be considered the top sport ever!

Here, we have seen why baseball is the best sport. There are a lot of thrilling games with game mechanics that are just suited for fans looking for a great time!

Still, baseball has its caveats, but this has not hindered fans from staying loyal to the game, the teams, and the community.

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