Who Owns the Citi Field? – Featuring New York Baseball Park

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You might be so amazed at the professional setting of this Citi field stadium. And still, wondering who owns Citi field.

The New York Mets operated the stadium with subsidiary ownership of the Queens Ballpark Company, located at Flushing, New York. The said company is the in-charge of layout, building, and even managing the real estate property. This New York Mets Citi field is also funded by the Citi Bank, a multinational Citigroup of New York, City.

Read on for more interesting Citi field information.

Unraveling the Citi Field History


The first New York Mets in baseball were held last 1964, in Shea stadium located at Queens Borough, New York. It was in the 1980s when the second game was played. At that time, the New York Mets team became dominant in the city.

One of the most remarkable world series ever is the 1986 defeat of the Boston Red Sox to win the world series. That remarkable event put the Mets on top and made them occupy many Mets fans in New York and throughout the United States. Supposedly, Shea stadium was built to serve as a multi-purpose stadium.

But, sad to note, it didn’t become a good environment for baseball games. After three years of building, New York met Citi field was finally opened as the newest baseball stadium to the Mets in 2009. It was former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani who worked behind the success of the said building.

He was the one who created the plan as he proposed a $1.6 billion plan to come up with a new stadium for both the New York Yankees and New York Mets.

Exploring Citi Field Dimension and Its Capacity


The Citi field dimension is somewhat longer compared to the Shea stadium. It measured 338 feet, including the left and right field and 410 in the center field. This Citi field ballpark is a very “pitcher-friendly” park. It has a spacious outfield that allows those outfielders to track down balls that hit in any part of the ballpark.

When it comes to capacity, the Citi field dimensions can cater to 41, 800. But a small part of it was added last 2012, making it a total capacity of 41, 922. In fact, at the last 2013 All-Star game of the MLB, it accommodated an attendance of 45,000 plus. This new baseball park of New York Mets Citi field can provide a much convenient and one-of-a-kind experience.

Indeed, it is being admired as the ideal ballpark for some other fans.

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Another Amazing feature in Citi Field Ball Park

The following features prove that Citi field is one of a kind stadium.

  • The popular home run apple from Shea stadium was developed at New York met Citi field. After every home run of a Mets player, this popular gigantic apple bulges out of the place where it is housed and lit up.
  • Another amazing feature is the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. It is an area that pays tribute to every legendary player.
  • In addition, the Hall of Famous Mets player right after Jackie Robinson Rotunda is also an attraction. It has a lot of historical equipment portraying the Met’s historical background.
  • You might want to hear this last feature I’m going to mention. These are the delicious foods a Citi field offers. From its foods to its beverages, it really has something to offer for fans, whether for young or old ones. There’s a lot to choose from.

Final Thoughts

The New York met Citi field is another extravagant achievement to New York City. It’s a big salute to the person who owns Citi field. Without the effort of the New York Mets, supported by the Queens Ballpark Company and the Citi Bank, this might never be realized. Sounding applause as well to all the creative and talented individuals who made this Citi ballpark fantastic!

As they say, champions are for the champions. So, this whopping place is just worthy for all the players in the New York Citi field. They deserve to be treated well and given much attention as they also fight the battle and give all their best just to bring home the bacon.

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