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who has the most gold gloves

So, who has the most gold gloves in MLB history? Well, you might be familiar with the name Greg Maddux in a baseball game. But, do you know how many awards he collected throughout his baseball career? And will you believe me if I tell you that he garnered the most gold gloves all time?

Among all players in major league baseball history, pitcher Greg Maddux is the only one with the most gold gloves. Greg Maddux gold gloves total number is 18, all in the National League.

Who is Greg Maddux?


Gregory Alan Maddux is an American professional baseball player who got the most gold gloves in pitching history. Maddux was born on April 14, 1966, in San Angelo, Texas. He is the son of Dave and Linda Maddux.

At an early age, his father exposed him to the baseball game. He was once trained by his coach named Ralph Meder, a retired major league scout. His coach taught him the value of movement and location above velocity.

He was instructed to throw softer when in a jam instead of harder. And without hesitation, Maddux followed everything. He instilled it in his heart and mind, which gave him a firm foundation in his baseball career.

What Made Him Great?

He was that great player in baseball. One of the main reasons was because he wanted to pitch for a long time, which eventually he did. He was able to throw one hundred ninety-eight or more innings in every single season.

Greg Maddux is known for his accuracy and his ability to read opponents. In fact, his sustainable MLB gold glove winner records speak for himself. Imagine, he successfully won the Rawlings Gold Glove Award in 2007 and a Gold Glove Award in 2008.

He garnered a total of 355 wins, a 3.16 earned-run average. Those numbers earned him to be elected and be part of the renowned personality in 2014. Not just that, he is best known for his expertise while playing for the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs. He is also an expert in pitching techniques, leveled speeds, and the ability to distract the batters.

He uses many pitching techniques, such as his hummer cut style, slider technique, and round change up with precise veracity. One of his primary strengths is forcing the batter to hit the grounder by throwing to the lower portion of the strike area. Like any other pitcher, he is a reputable striker in the history of baseball.

And there’s no doubt about it. Imagine, out of his 18 total awards, he won 10 with the Braves, 5 with the Cubs, 2 with the Dodgers, and 1 with the Padres. That’s a lot of achievements already, isn’t it?

Other Legendary Players Who Won the Most Gold Gloves


The other baseball players who also garnered multiple gold gloves are as follows:

  • Jim Kaat- he is renowned as the second-most wins with 16 gold gloves consecutively. He received 2 awards in the National League and 14 during the American League.
  • Bob Gibson- has won 9 Gold Gloves
  • Bobby Shantz – received 4 awards in each league, for a total of 8 awards all in all.
  • Mark Langston and Mike Mussina – they are both ranked for the 5th highestl. Each of them has accumulated 7 wins.
  • Zack Greinke- he ranked 7th who had 6 wins in total.

The list of player who got the most gold glove catcher award in a baseball game are the following:

  • Iván Rodríguez – won as the most Gold Gloves catcher, having thirteen wins all in all.
  • Johnny Bench- ranked as the 2nd overall with ten Gold Gloves.
  • Yadier Molina- 3rd place overall and 2nd in the NL all-time with 9 wins.
  • Bob Boone – received 7 wins between both leagues during his career.
  • Jim Sundberg – has won 6 Gold Gloves
  • Bill Freehan and Salvador Pérez -have gathered 5 wins each.
  • Del Crandall, Mike Matheny, Charles Johnson, and Tony Peña- have also garnered 4 wins each.
  • Bench, Rodriguez, Carlton Fisk, and Gary Carter- they are the hall of Famers who have won as catchers also.
  • Brothers Bengie and Yadier Molina- a family who have earned 11 awards.

Final Thoughts

Gregory Maddux hurdled it all. His legacy is something that no one could ever erase in baseball history. His remarkable achievement made him seize the MLB gold glove winners in the history of a baseball game. He even amassed the most gold gloves by position at the same time.

So hopefully, we have answered your question about “who has the most gold gloves” in the major league history of baseball. There is no other name associated with it, but it’s only Gregory Maddux. His greatest performance made him on top of his baseball pitching journey.

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