What Position Did Michael Jordan Play in Baseball?

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what position did michael jordan play in baseball

Michael Jordan is one of the most decorated names that has ever graced baseball history, having been hailed as the greatest basketball player of all time. This is why many people, even fellow legends on the court look up to him.

But there’s more to him than basketball because he also played baseball. But the question is, “what position did Michael Jordan play in baseball?”

During his time in baseball, Michael Jordan played as a right fielder.

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Overview About Michael Jordan


When we talk about legends in sports, one of the names on the list is Michael Jeffrey Jordan, most commonly known as Michael Jordan or MJ. He is dubbed the greatest basketball player of all time and considered one of the greatest and brightest athletes ever to live.

But before we dive deeper into his illustrious career, let’s first get to know the legend who cemented his place in the sports arena and is admired by many people worldwide. Who is Michael Jeffrey Jordan?

Michael Jordan was born on the 17th day of February, the year 1993, and at present is 59 years old. He grew up in New York with his parents Delores and James, and his four siblings.

Growing up, he’s always been accustomed to sports like basketball and baseball, as his father introduced sports to him at an early age. However, not only is Michael Jordan a lover of the sport, but he wears many hats as he is also a businessman and an actor.

In his business ventures, Michael Jordan is the chief owner of an NBA Team, the Charlotte Hornets. This is alongside him also being the owner of a racing team that has competed in the NASCAR Cup Series, which is the 23XI Racing.

When Did He Start Playing Baseball?


Most people tend to miss out on the story of Michael Jordan playing baseball. Yes, he did!

His feat in baseball was one that was rooted in his love for his father who died in North Carolina, in the year 1993.

Three months after his father’s death, MJ decided it was time for him to take a break from the NBA scene to enter the world of baseball in order to honor his father’s dream for him to be a baseball player.

But what team did Michael Jordan play for in baseball?

On the 7th of February, the year 1994, Jordan signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox, for Minor League Baseball.

Baseball to him was a distraction both from his troubles in his private life, as well as from the untimely death of his father. His father was also a huge fan of baseball as this was the first sport that he taught MJ back in childhood.

His Careers


Michael Jordan was a natural man of sports ever since he was in high school attending Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington. Aside from his dad teaching him sports at a young age, this was where he began to cultivate his craft.

He then spent his collegiate years being a member of the North Carolina Tar Heels for three consecutive years, from 1981 to 1984. Although he was a freshman on this team, Jordan was quick to get on the starting lineup. In fact, he was a member of this team in 1982 when the Tar Heels won the national championship.

During his time in the NBA, Jordan played three positions which are point guard, shooting guard, and small forward.

He was able to win 6 NBA championships during his stay at Chicago Bulls and has also clinched the finals MVP award six times. Not only these but he also became an NBA All-Star 14 times and bagged the NBA MVP title 5 times as a player for the Bulls.

In the April of the year 2003, Michael Jordan hung his jersey for the third and last time, at the age of 40.

Michael Jordan Baseball Position

Michael Jordan’s decision to enter the baseball scene was abrupt and it was one that is not remembered fondly by a lot of spectators. What position did MJ play, though?

In basketball he played three positions, in baseball, he played as the right fielder on the team.

How Long Did MJ Play Baseball?


It was known that Michael Jordan only ever played one season with Birmingham Barons in 1994, which is a minor affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. When we talk about his game in MLB, he only played once in an exhibition game against the Chicago White Sox in the same year.

Where Did Michael Jordan Play Baseball?

Michael Jordan played baseball growing up and while in high school in Wilmington. Professionally, he was able to play for Minor League Baseball, specifically the Birmingham Barons. These two settings of his baseball career can be considered as Michael Jordan’s baseball teams.

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Even after years of Michael Jordan’s retirement, he remains to be an idol of the sport he chose to partake in. This is a testament to how great he was at all the things he chose to do, as he left a legacy, a stellar record — one that is unerasable, and will be remembered by history for many years to come.

This is why it is my hope that as you read this “what position did Michael Jordan play in baseball?” guide, you get inspired by this legend of a man.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you some other time!

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