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what is baseball zen

If you’ve been practicing some sort of relaxation technique, you probably know what Zen is. This calming method is being used by millions of individuals worldwide.

But what about Baseball Zen? Does Zen have a place in such a high-paced, action-packed game like baseball?

What is Baseball Zen? Designed to work as digital rest stops, these calming visual fillers seen during breaks in baseball games have replaced the traditional and repetitive ads aired between innings.

The Basic Principle of Zen


You’ll come across different versions of the Zenn meaning if you look up the word on the internet. Some sources say it’s a religion, while others claim it’s simply a philosophy or school of thought; either way, Zen points to one thing—a sense of calm.

Zen is the Japanese pronunciation of Chán, a Chinese term for the Sanskrit word Dhyana which involves the practice of meditation and discipline. This state of meditative calm is achieved when one’s thoughts and actions are guided by intuition instead of willful effort or reasoning.

Baseball Zen MLB TV Spots


Since MLB games went on air, advertisements from sponsoring companies were broadcasted in between innings for the longest time.

In most cases, TV networks repeatedly aired the same three ads from the top three league sponsors during commercial breaks throughout an entire season.

In some instances, TV networks aired game highlights to fill these gaps between innings as an alternative. But baseball fans on online discussion platforms such as Reddit are quick to point out that broadcasters still use the same game highlights over and over again.

Enter MLB Baseball Zen, and baseball enthusiasts are in for a totally new experience.

These 30-second fillers make use of slow-motion imaging and amplified sound on anything baseball—from sensational hits by star players to mundane stuff like groundskeepers watering the ballparks.

Superimposed on every MLB Baseball Zen video screen is an hourglass-type timer in the ingenious shape of a baseball diamond.

Gold dust fills the base paths, and a steady trickle indicates the time left until the live game broadcast returns.

Calming baseball Zen sounds, such as the swish of the bat or grains of sand spreading across the batter’s box, are designed to take your mind off the nerve-racking elements of baseball. They’re quite a welcome relief from all the bat-breaking and nose-to-nose face-offs between players, coaches, and umpires.

Among the top favorites are Baseball Zen rain videos featuring clips like rain dripping from the dugout eaves, an umpire looking up to the rainy heavens, or groundskeepers rolling out field covers on a rainy day.

Baseball’s newest sensation and 2021 AL MVP recipient, Shohei Ohtani, is also a popular subject in baseball Zen. Besides his official MLB Zen baseball bat video, the Japanese Babe Ruth also appears in other baseball Zen videos on the Web.

The Theory Behind Baseball Zen


Baseball Zen responds to an emerging trend of what viewers expect from their video experience. Known as an autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR, this phenomenon involves a “low-grade euphoria” resulting from exposure to certain audio-visual triggers.

The sensation is aptly described as brain tingles that start from the top of the head and run along the back of the neck towards the upper spine. The result is an overall sense of calm and relaxation.

Initial studies conducted on ASMR revealed that the majority of individuals who engage in the practice do so to help them relax and fall asleep. The most popular auditory and visual triggers include whispering, crisp sounds like tapping, and slow or repetitive movements.

For this reason, anyone will now find a new genre of online videos dedicated entirely to the ASMR phenomenon. To get a first-hand experience of how ASMR can induce a state of calm and understand why millions of people are into it.

The MLB website has its own Baseball Zen compilation for a particular season and other MLB-sanctioned competitions and events. So in case you’re looking for Baseball Zen Atlanta Braves clips, you’ll find them in the 2021 compilation being champions of the World Series for that year.

Hence, Baseball Zen is more than just a filler for gaps between innings. Instead, it incorporates the magical combination of sound and imagery to induce ASMR among its viewers. Like sorbet working as a multi-course palette cleanser, Baseball Zen “breaks” the intensity associated with the bat-and-ball sport.


Amazing things happen on the baseball field, but the game is just too quick for fans and enthusiasts to savor these moments thoroughly. Thanks to Baseball Zen, the fusion of amplified sound and slow-motion imaging has enabled the meticulous rendition of anything and everything baseball.

Baseball Zen is truly a game-changer. So the next time someone asks you the question, “What is Baseball Zen?” be ready to point them to these amazing 30-second fillers that have captured the hearts (and minds) of baseball fans worldwide.

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