What Is a DH in Baseball? – Baseball Terminology Explained

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what is a dh in baseball

If you’re a new baseball fan, you’re probably curious about “what is a DH in baseball” and whether it’s something that your team should use to help your struggling offense.

DH is short for “designated hitter.” In baseball, the DH position is reserved for a player who bats in place of the pitcher. The DH position is typically filled by a player who has superior hitting skills but not pitching skills.

What Are the Benefits of the DH in Baseball

The DH position in baseball changed how baseball is played. At the same time, it brought about many benefits to the game.

The DH baseball position was introduced in 1973, during which time it was not popular at all. It allowed players to bat while they were on base instead of being forced to play defense, thereby giving players a chance to rest their arms and legs while still contributing positively towards their team’s score.

The benefits of DH in baseball are as follows:

  • It allows more players to play more games
  • It gives pitchers another option for pitching
  • It makes the game more exciting for fans
  • There is less chance of injury for players

The Designated Hitter Rule

During the early years of the MLB, pitchers were not great batters, so managers had to make do with what they had at their disposal. The designated hitter rule was then introduced in 1973, and it was put in place because of the increase in game attendance due to the introduction of DHs in the American League.

The DH rule was meant to make the game more fun and exciting for children. It was created to accommodate pitchers who were not able to play every day due to their role on the team.

It’s been one of the most controversial rules in baseball. The designated hitter in World Series has been a topic of debate for decades. Some people believe that it takes away from what makes baseball so great – the strategy on how to win a game.

Many people also wonder if this will lead to fewer pitchers getting injured because they don’t have to worry about hitting home runs anymore.


In this article, we discussed “what is a DH in baseball”, its introduction and its significant impact on how baseball is played today. At present, there are still ongoing debates about this rule.

While it changed how baseball is played, it remains in effect today due to its popularity among players, fans, and owners alike.

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