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what happened to kyle cooke baseball player

If you are a baseball player training for your tournament, you may get demotivated eventually. Keep your morale up by learning from players who proved a lot with their inspirational baseball journey!

Inspirational stories fuel an athlete’s passion and drive to pursue larger milestones in their games. And this is exactly what happened to Kyle Cooke, baseball player in the film Twelve.

Here, let us explore the film Twelve and several questions about Kyle Cooke baseball career.


Kyle Cooke in the Film Twelve: What is It All About


Twelve is a film directed and written by Steve Grimaldi. This is a fantastic story about a young boy who proved that tons of determination to go from zero to an all-time world series star.

The story is about Kyle Cooke, who is portrayed as a young boy with a heart that remains kind to others despite his hardships. Kyle Cooke, age 12, may only be a young boy, but he dreams big.

Did you know that it was never easy for Kyle Cooke MLB draft to become a reality in the film? Kyle Cooke dad named Ted was struggling to make ends meet for Xavier and Kyle Cooke, who are his kids. Ted was fired from work and even took low-level jobs for his kids.

Their upheaved life was only the beginning of the hardships. But Ted was determined and wanted a bright baseball career for Kyle because he knew his son had what it takes for the little league world series and more.

Unfortunately, Kyle was bullied and was never chosen in his local league. So, Kyle and his dad made sure that the young prodigy would get into the opponent state’s team, which he did.

Since this was Kyle’s last shot at making a name for himself, he gave it his all and eventually faced the same local team that rejected him out of bullying and nepotism.

Kyle Cooke is a small boy, but he indeed had what it takes to be in the large baseball league.

What Director and Scriptwriter Steve Grimaldi Has to Say


Twelve baseball movie was a product of the mind of its talented director and scriptwriter, Steve Grimaldi. Grimaldi mentioned in an interview several vital details about the film.

Grimaldi clarified that he did not specifically make the film reflect an actual story. The name Kyle Cooke would have sounded like an actual baseball player.

But, it was actually just the combined name of his son, Kyle, and the surname of his baseball athlete friend, Jeremy Cooke. Hence, the character Kyle Cooke made it to the big screen.

Kyle Cooke college nor his height and birthday were also never revealed as it was out of the boundaries of the story. Grimaldi made sure to clarify that he retained the name Kyle Cooke as his film’s protagonist instead of renaming it by the end.

A Kyle Cooke Among Us

Grimaldi made it clear in an interview that he found no actual Kyle Cooke. Or, as far as he knows, the individual does not exist yet. Grimaldi believes, however, that there is always the potential to develop our inner Kyle Cook!

You can get the most inspiring lessons from the movie 12. Do not let anything hinder you from achieving your dreams. Like Kyle, talent should help you reach greater heights, no matter the hardships you encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twelve a true story about Kyle Cooke?

Unfortunately, Kyle Cooke is not a solid true story as the director and scriptwriter denied the existence of an actual Kyle Cooke.

But, this does not discount the fact that someone out there has achieved what the story of Kyle Cooke in the film could do. It is not entirely impossible!

Who does Kyle Cooke play for?

As far as we know, a baseball player named Kyle Cooke is not a real player. But the name Kyle Cooke is relatively common!

But in football, there exists a real Kyle Cooke! Kyle is a goalkeeper in the FAI Cup and played on Wexford U17 back in 2019. And where is he now? Kyle Cooke moved to England in January 2022 and signed a contract with Chippenham Town

How old is Kyle Cooke from Twelve now?

As we noted previously, Kyle Cooke from twelve was not an actual individual. So there would be no honest answer to how old he is now or where he is.

How much is Kyle from Summer House worth?

Kyle is a pretty common name. Summer House starred a certain Kyle Cooke. He is not a baseball athlete but a successful entrepreneur with more than a $1.1 million net worth.


We may never truly have an answer to the question “what happened to Kyle Cooke, baseball player” from the film Twelve.

The film Twelve is about a very talented young boy who made his way to the top despite hardships that almost hindered him from playing his heart out in baseball.

The director and scriptwriter admitted the reference to a prodigy baseball player as a made-up name. But do not be too dismayed, as there will always be a chance for anyone to be the real-life Kyle Cooke!

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