What Does E Mean in Baseball? Explained For Beginners

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what does e mean in baseball

We often keep our eyes on the scoreboard when watching baseball games to keep track of who is winning and by how much. However, the scoreboard used by the Major League of Baseball and other organizations has all sorts of statistics and abbreviations.

In sports like baseball, statistics are very important! You will encounter abbreviations like R, H, and E. Among these, what does E mean in baseball?

Baseball scoreboards use the fielding abbreviation “E,” which is presented to stand for error. This is a mistake from the defensive team and then benefits the batting team by scoring a run.

Meaning of “E” in Baseball

Basically, you need to read the scoreboard from left to right and find the team’s name on the left-most column. The entire game’s runs hits errors will be noted here.

Errors in baseball are written as e on baseball scoreboard. In the world of baseball, the meaning of error is the misplay of the fielder.

As errors happen during the baseball game, the opposing team scores a run.

What are some specific examples of errors committed in the game? Some simple instances include failing to catch the baseball or throwing the ball towards the wrong base. Also, hitting a ground ball will be charged by the officials as an error.

List of Errors to Watch Out for


In baseball, the competing teams aim to have more runs than their opponent because this will give them their desired victory.

The team committing the most errors has a lower chance of winning the game. Now, let us talk about the three kinds of mistakes that you can encounter in baseball.

1. Fielding Errors

First on this list is the fielding error. The definition of this error is when the fielder fails to catch or mishandles the thrown ball. The scorekeeper is the authority tasked with deciding if a fielding error was committed.

Among the errors tracked by baseball officials, fielding errors are carefully listed during times of mishaps on the part of the outfielder or infielder. Common mistakes in these two roles include fumbling a flyball or mishandling a grounder.

When fielding errors are committed in the game, the basemen would have trouble receiving the ball within the prescribed time. Hence, it could not be recorded as an out.

2. Throwing Error

Throwing errors are all about the incorrect plays made on hitting or throwing the ball. For example, dropping the ball, throwing it in the wrong direction, or throwing it way past your first base is considered a throwing error.

Also, wild throws are considered an error. When the pitcher throws their ball but hits another person, a throwing error will still be called, even if the hit was only an accident.

Now, when you watch a game, it can get frustrating to see errors like these. Similarly, it is quite embarrassing for the players themselves!

A throwing error can have a lot of drawbacks for the team. Because of this error, the opponent will have more chances to score. So if you want your team to win, avoid committing errors at all costs!

3. Tagging Errors

The third category that baseball has is the tagging error. As the name suggests, this one is when the fielder fails to tag a baserunner when he should have done it.

Tagging errors are more disadvantageous for the erring team because their opponent can be allowed to advance their base. Even worse, the opponent could get a run score.

Impact of Errors in Baseball Games

By knowing all these details about errors in baseball, it is now essential to understand how these will impact the playing teams.

An error in baseball used to be a way to describe the skills of the fielder. Back then, people thought that if a fielder had the best skills and performance, they would not commit as many errors.

However, this obtained many objections. Many fielders who play poorly do not necessarily commit errors as they may just opt not to hit the pitches.

Tallying errors in the baseball scoreboard explained how these mistakes can help their opponent score more runs, leading to the other team’s victory.

Also, errors are used in computing the earned run average, or ERA, of the pitchers. This would be one of the most significant impacts or errors as it is tallied in the baseball scoreboards.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can pitchers make fielding errors?

Pitchers are not in the defensive play, unlike other positions in the game. So, there have been different opinions on whether they can commit fielding errors.

Even if pitchers are much less likely to commit fielding errors, it is not entirely impossible.

Some examples include the pitchers committing a lousy throw after the batter hits their pitch.

A pickoff attempt can cause an error for the pitcher. If the pitcher fails to throw the ball to the first base and the runner successfully moves base, the error is charged to the pitcher.

Is batting average negatively affected when a fielding error is committed?

The batting average is a vital baseball statistic. This one is obtained when dividing the number of base hits over the total number of bats.

And yes, a fielding error can negatively affect a player’s batting average. Committing one fielding error will only cost a few points on the player’s batting average.

Unfortunately, poor players will find themselves having a lot of point deductions if they commit errors very often throughout the baseball season.

Which position in baseball makes the most errors?

Given different positions in baseball, some are more likely to commit errors than others.

The shortstop position commits the most errors and is noted by experts to make up to 25% of all baseball game errors. The second baseman and the third basemen are the second and third most likely to commit mistakes, respectively.


In most aspects of life, committing errors has always been there. Some mistakes are more problematic than others. But at the end of the day, it is absolutely normal to see people making errors here and there.

In baseball, the same thing is observed! Errors are the scenarios that happen in the game which should not have happened. The players can get penalized or disadvantaged because of it.

This article helped you understand what does E mean in baseball. Now that you can catch these e’s, time to know how they happen and try your best to avoid them!

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