What Baseball Player Was Nicknamed the Say Hey Kid?

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what baseball player was-nicknamed the say hey kid

Baseball players are often given nicknames based on their physical attributes, playing skills, or even their mannerisms and habits. For instance, Babe Ruth is known as the Bambino, Hank Aaron as Hammerin’ Hank, and Dodgers left-hander Sandy Koufax as the Left Arm of God.

What baseball player was nicknamed the Say Hey Kid? Willie Mays, touted by ESPN as the best baseball player of all time next to Ruth, is more popularly known by this nickname.

Why Did They Call Willie Mays the Say Hey Kid?

Unlike most baseball players who earned their nicknames due to their playing prowess, there’s a more interesting story behind Willie Mays and the Say Hey Kid label.

Mays earned the moniker early in his career. He was still a rookie playing for the New York Giants and was getting overwhelmed with the number of people he met daily.

Because Mays had trouble recalling whether or not he had seen someone before, he’d often respond to their greetings with a “Hey, how have you been?” or “Hey, how’re you doing?”

The MLB baseball player who was known as the Say Hey Kid also had the habit of using upbeat expressions like “Say what,” “Say who,” or “Say hey.” Reporters noticed this tendency, and the name stuck.

How Popular is the Say Hey Kid Nickname?

The MLB Hall of Famer and two-times MVP recipient is often regarded as an underrated baseball superstar, with some analysts even claiming Mays was a better player than Babe Ruth.

Compared to Ruth, not much has been written about Mays in books, though he does stand out as a Hall of Famer and a Top 10 MLB Career Home run Leader. There’s a book entitled “Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend” written by former New York Times reporter James Hirsch, but that’s about it.

The baseball player nickname Say Hey Kid, however, is synonymous with Willie Mays when it comes to trivia questions and puzzles. If you like solving them, chances are you’ll come across a baseball Say Hey Kid crossword at least once.

What is the Say Hey Kid Mays Crossword Clue?

Usually, “the Say Hey Kid” will be mentioned along with Mays’ status as an All-Star player and his records in hits and runs.

So, remember the achievements and last name of this baseball legend while you solve crosswords, as well as his high-pitched inflection and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Who is the MLB Player Nicknamed the Rajah?


Rogers Hornsby is known as The Rajah in Major League Baseball. He spent much of his playing career with the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Browns (later known as the Baltimore Orioles).

Hornsby was not the most well-liked player in his teams. He was very intent on winning—both on the horse racing track and the diamond, to the point that he expected other people to share his lifestyle preferences.

Naturally, the nickname “Rajah” best summed up everything Hornsby was, a man who did not smoke or drink and was obsessed with baseball.

Which MLB Baseball Player Was Nicknamed the Man?


Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals is known as The Man in Major League Baseball. The moniker came about after a game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946.

Interestingly, the fans of the opposing team baptized Musial with the nickname. They chanted “Here comes the man again,” every time he stepped on the field to express frustration and perhaps, grudging respect towards Musial’s skills.

Who is Nicknamed King James in the MLB?


It’s the same King James for both the NBA and MLB. Famous basketball star LeBron James, better known as King James in the National Basketball Association, joined Major League Baseball as part owner of the Boston Red Sox in 2021.


It’s common practice in baseball and other sports to give popular players nicknames. For viewers, it’s convenient to know who other fans and pundits are referring to whenever sobriquets come up.

Now that you know what baseball player was nicknamed the Say Hey Kid, it’s easier to understand how they got their monikers. Please share this post with every baseball fan, so they’ll know the story behind nicknames in the sport.

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