How to Wear Baseball Stirrups Properly? – 4 Simple Steps

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how to wear baseball stirrups

A baseball uniform is one of the most recognizable sports costumes. Nothing, however, beats the uniqueness of stirrup socks.

Baseball stirrups have been used as a trademark since 1905. Since then, various baseball players have used color and design to express their style.

Although, nowadays, most players play baseball with long pants, making stirrup socks a bit odd to wear. If you want to play baseball, we will show you in this article how to wear baseball stirrups.

Tips to Wear Stirrup Socks

Putting on cheap baseball stirrups is one of the traditions of baseball. That is why it is as important as any other clothing you need to wear properly in baseball.

Step 1: Wear stirrup pants baseball


If you have long pants, you can roll the hem until it is above the knee. This should not be an issue with short pants, especially if they are knickers or similar.

Step 2: Wear baseball socks

Pull long white socks up to your calf. These socks are also known as sanitary socks.

Step 3: Put on stirrups


Put your stirrup socks over your white athletic socks, pulling them below your knees. Pulling the stirrup socks over your knees would make your movement difficult during the game.

The small arch piece should be on the soles of your feet, and the side of stirrups goes in front.

As a result, the cut-out portion of the stirrups may expose your white socks above your ankle or even up to the middle of your calf.

The ability to use stirrups as a baseball style is the most important aspect of wearing them. You can wear stirrup socks in any color or pattern to express your individuality as a player.

Step 4: Make sure that your stirrups are tight around your calves


Pull your stirrups up and tight to keep them from falling during the game.

Consider getting new stirrup socks if you notice the elastic starting to sag. This tip is essential for avoiding future accidents, such as tripping.

Other Tips for Wearing Baseball Stirrups


The following are the additional ways for you to wear stirrups properly:

  • Tape the stirrups in place for extra security.
  • Put on knicker-style pants to simulate a baseball uniform.
  • Pull the stirrup as high as possible to make it appear tighter and more supported.
  • You could also use a stirrup with a larger cut if you want to show more of your white socks.
  • Stirrups represent the spirit of your team, so having a colorful design or pattern may highlight your team and even yourself.
  • You could also match the design of your athletic long sock to your baseball stirrups.



What are baseball stirrups?

Baseball stirrups are socks worn over baseball players’ long, white socks. Stirrups have long been associated with baseball attire. Players can style their stirrup socks however they want or show off their team’s “unity” by wearing a patterned design or a simple solid color.

Why do they wear stirrups in baseball?

Baseball players today wear stirrups to relive and experience the traditional uniform. This is because baseball pants have become longer since the 1990s, making the exposure of stirrup socks less common and useful.

Previously, however, most baseball teams used stirrups to display their team’s essence and distinguish themselves from other teams. The use of the same designs or colors in their stirrups strengthens their bond.

Aside from that, stirrups protect players from bruises. This is because, in the past, players wore knickers that ended at the knee— exposing their legs whenever they slid into an opponent’s base or were kicked by opponents.

How should I wash and dry stirrups?

  • Before washing, make sure to turn the stirrup socks inside out to avoid fuzz balls.
  • Wash the stirrups in the machine.
  • Dry the stirrups by laying them down or through a machine dryer.

What kind of socks do you wear under baseball stirrups?

Sanitaries or sanitary socks are what most baseball players wear under their stirrups. These socks are usually long, white-colored socks.

Is the stirrup on a saddle similar to baseball stirrups?

No. Horse riders used to wear stirrup leggings, which became popular in the 1920s and were mostly worn by women. This attire is distinct from the stirrups worn by baseball players.

Baseball stirrups have a loop around the soles of the feet and are about the height of long, athletic socks. Although this loop is visible with stirrup leggings, it is shorter than that of baseball stirrups.

Do softball players wear stirrups?

Yes, players wear stirrups softball! Other sports such as football and basketball also used stirrup socks before.

However, players wear high socks in baseball but these other sports players used sweat socks under the stirrups.


Even though wearing baseball stirrups is no longer common, some players are still intrigued and want to try the traditional baseball uniform.

We hope you learned how to wear baseball stirrups from this guide.

Regardless of your reason, wearing stirrup socks allows you to express yourself as a baseball player. So, even though stirrups aren’t as popular as they were in the 1990s, wear them anyway!

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