How to Wash a Baseball Cap in the Dishwasher in 4 Steps

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how to wash a baseball cap in the dishwasher

A baseball cap, like most baseball gear, deserves to be washed. At a glance, the cap may seem useless lying on top of the head all day after a long baseball game. But look underneath the cap, and you will see the story.

The baseball cap’s filthy, greasy, and mucky under-area tells us about its constant exposure to sweat, dust, and heat.

And did you know that you can easily wash a baseball cap within a few minutes? Continue reading this article to learn how to wash a baseball cap in the dishwasher.


What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial


To wash baseball hats in dishwasher is easy if you know how to do it right. To do it right, you first have to prepare the following materials:

1. Dishwashing Detergent

All caps or hats need to be disinfected, including the infrequently used ones. Caps are constantly exposed to elements that facilitate bacterial infestation. The ultimate result of a dirty baseball cap is a smelly and grimy feel. In worst cases, bacterial infestation triggers skin allergies and other diseases.

A dishwashing detergent not only cleanses but also disinfects the cap. It comes to be most beneficial for caps that have not been cleaned for an extended period.

In short, putting dish soap into the detergent slot is, therefore, a priority.

But wait! Here is a word of caution: when buying a dishwashing solution, look for one with certified zero bleach content because bleach ruins the integrity of the cap’s fabric in the long run. Plus, avoid products with lemon scents. Keep this in mind before you clean a baseball cap in the dishwasher.

2. Cap Washing Cage

If you are conscious about the integrity of your cap/hat’s shape, then you should consider buying a cap washing cage and installing it onto your hat.

The baseball cap cage plays a pretty essential role by holding the cap in place, keeping it in shape, and keeping it intact amidst the water spray.

This device, also known as a hat frame, allows itself to be easily placed in a washing machine, laundromat (not front load washer), and dishwasher.

The cap holder should work on all types of hats or caps, and it should easily fit in all washing units. Consider this item as this could help you properly wash hats in dishwasher.

To help you further, here are simple steps on how to insert the baseball cap into the holder:

  • Step 1: Release the lock from behind the holder to open its frame.
  • Step 2: Open the holder’s frame to insert the cap properly.
  • Step 3: Snap the lock back to secure the cap inside.
  • Step 4: Make sure to place the cap washing cage/holder only on the top rack of the dishwasher.

3. Dishwasher

It might sound unusual, but washing a baseball cap in the dishwasher no longer surprises certain people. Those who washed baseball caps in the dishwasher even recommended this method as perhaps one of the easiest and quickest means for cleaning a baseball cap.

There isn’t a strict standard for a dishwasher when it comes to washing a baseball cap.

Thus, when looking for a dishwasher unit, you can refer to its generic features. As long as it delivers the universal expectations, it should work for baseball caps anyway.

4. Pre-treatment Product

For caps with very dirty stains, you should pre-treat them with some Biz powder and warm water before washing.

Step by Step Instructions


Here are the easy steps in washing baseball caps in dishwasher:

Step 1: Clean the dishwasher

Before placing the baseball cap in the dishwasher, clear the inside of the dishwasher of any food particles. If you miss doing this, the chances are that the food particles would transfer onto the cap.

In case you have dishes inside, remove them also. If possible, although it is not necessary, allow the dishwasher to dry up first before placing the cap in.

Step 2: Prepare the dishwasher with detergent


Make sure that the dishwasher is in good condition with its rack tightly in place. After doing that, pour the detergent into the dishwasher’s dispenser. Refer to the detergent’s usage instructions to determine the quantity.

If you cannot find one, estimate the quantity based on the number of baseball caps to wash and how dirty they are.

Step 3: Prepare the baseball cap

Inspect the baseball cap to determine how dirty it is. If it is extremely soiled, apply a pre-treatment solution to it to maximize the cleaning result. Once done, insert the cap into the cap washing cage. Clip the cap if necessary.

Finally, place the cap on the dishwasher’s top rack.

Step 4: Turn the dishwasher on

Once things are set in place, set the wash cycle to normal before turning the dishwasher on.

Before turning the dishwasher on, change its settings to keep the heat cycle from setting off after the wash cycle. If the dishwasher does not have this control setting, make sure to take out the cap right before the heat cycle turns on.

Leaving the cap for the heat cycle can cause it to contract and lose its color. The heat can also melt the cap washing cage since it is usually just made of plastic.

And that is how you make washing a hat in the dishwasher successful.


To learn how to wash a baseball cap in the dishwasher, you will need the following tools: a dish detergent, a pre-treatment product, a cap washing cage, and of course, a dishwasher.

Washing a baseball cap in the dishwasher is easy if done right. Many have been using this method of cleaning a baseball cap, and it has not failed since because of its efficiency.

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