How Do You Say Baseball in Spanish? (Spelling & Pronunciation)

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how do you say baseball in spanish

With baseball considered America’s favorite pastime sport and Spanish being the second most widely spoken language next to English in the US, it will be fun to learn some baseball terms in Spanish. Let’s start with the basics.

How do you say baseball in Spanish? Béisbol is the term used for baseball in Spanish translation. It is pronounced quite similar to how you say baseball in English, but with a slightly shorter accent.

What Does Béisbol Mean in Spanish?

1. Translation And Common Baseball-related Terms


In Spanish, “béisbol” is the general term used to refer to baseball as a sport. When referring to baseball-related terms in the Spanish baseball vocab, the word “béisbol” appears after a noun and the preposition “de”, which means “of.”

For instance, when referring to a baseball game in Spanish, we say juego de béisbol which literally means “a game of baseball.”

A baseball bat is called bate de béisbol while pelota de béisbol means a baseball ball. We use the term guantes de béisbol when referring to baseball gloves in Spanish.

2. Spelling And Pronunciation

Another thing to note is the use of special letters when we spell baseball in Spanish. Notice there is a small special marking that looks like an apostrophe directly above the letter “e” in béisbol.

This is called an acute accent and indicates that stress must be placed on the syllable where it appears. It also means that the letter E must produce the “ay” sound like in the English word “say.” However, you’ll need to omit the “y” sound at the end.

The acute accent is not to be confused with the grave accent which looks like a reverse apostrophe above a vowel. A grave accent is more commonly used in French and indicates that the letter E is pronounced with a shorter “eh”, or to be specific, /ɛ/sound.

An example of the grave accent can be found in the famous French expression “crème de la crème”, which means the cream of the crop or the best of the best.

What is the Spanish-speaking Population in the United States?


Over 41 million individuals, comprising 13 percent of the entire US population, speak Spanish. In fact, there are more people in the United States who speak Spanish than in Spain itself, with the top country being Mexico!

Spanish is also the fourth most spoken language worldwide next to English, Mandarin, and Hindi. Based on these figures, it is safe to assume that many baseball fans in the US speak Spanish.


How do you say baseball in Spanish? Now that you know the Spanish word “béisbol” is said pretty much like its English counterpart, learning other baseball terms in Spanish will be a lot easier and more interesting.

We encourage you to discover more Spanish terms to add to your baseball vocab. Who knows, you might just get to speak to a Hispanic baseball player or find yourself seated next to a Spanish-speaking baseball fan in the next MLB playoffs!

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