What is a Moonblast in Baseball? (Explained for Beginners)

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what is a moonblast in baseball

Home runs are incredible feats that are considered a rarity. These triumphant moments can galvanize a crowd, filling the park with ear-splitting accolades and hurrays. Only a handful of professional baseball players have pulled off record-breaking moonblasts.

You’re quite lucky if you witnessed and took a video of a moonblast moment of your favorite sluggers at the World Series. That’s indeed a treasure trove for any baseball fan.

In this article, you will know what is a moonblast in baseball, the best and worst stadium to launch a moonblast, and the baseball legends with the longest home runs in history.

Reasons Why Home Runs Are Called Moonblast


The meaning of moonblast in baseball is a home run that reaches at least 425 feet. The ball travels at a supersonic velocity and goes off the roof of the stadium.

As you gaze upon the ball in space, it looks like the moon’s surface. Blast refers to the swift or high-speed motion of the ball, hence the term moonblast.

For a home run to be classified as a moonblast, the ball’s distance must be at least 425 feet.

The Guy Behind Home Plate Dodgers


The guy behind the Dodgers’ home plate is Dennis Gilbert. Oftentimes, his face can be seen every time TBS or Fox features a batter at the plate from behind the pitcher’s mound.

He’s a famous baseball spectator who is often seen dressed in a suit. He is believed to pay over $250,000 annually for the four front seats in the Dodgers’ exclusive Dugout Club. The seats are used to entertain his clients or his friends.

Just like Gilbert, another guy who became famous for supporting the Dodgers is Valete Quintero. He is known as the Dodgers baseball head guy. He covered his head with white pain while watching the Dodgers’ games at the World Series.

Hit Distance


FTX is an official sponsor of MLB. It launched a contest in 2021 in which anyone who can guess the longest homer, the type of home run, and the distance in feet will receive an FTX moonblast reward in cash or bitcoin currency.

Looking at the distribution of distances of all home runs in July 2021, most home runs range from 400 to 425 feet. Only one or two reached a home run beyond 475 feet. Who could that be?

List of Longest Home Runs

Do you want to know how your best baseball players fare in baseball stats?

Let’s look at the players with more than two top 100 home runs, the stadiums where they hit the longest, and their average metrics.

Player Average Exit Velocity Average Hit Distance (Feet) Average Launch Angle Longest Hit HR (Feet) Number of HRs in the Top 100 Stadium of Longest Hit HR
C.J. Cron 111 460 27 465 5 COL
Ronald Acuña Jr. 114 466 28 481 3 ATL
Tyler Naquin 112 456 29 459 3 CIN
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 115 458 24 465 4 TOR
Shohei Ohtani 114 459 28 470 5 LAA
Austin Slater 108 462 31 467 4 ARI
Fernando Tatis Jr. 111 465 26 477 3 COL
Salvador Perez 111 456 30 460 5 KC

Three players hold the most home runs in the top 100, including Cron, Ohtani, and Perez. Acuña Jr. achieved the longest home run, while Guerrero Jr. had the highest average hit velocity.

If you’re into sports betting, there are many factors to consider in making MLB ‘em predictions. You can look at track records and the recent form of the team.

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Easiest MLB Stadium to Hit a Homerun


Coors Field in Colorado is a home run-friendly ballpark. It’s one mile above sea level, which increases the ball’s travel distance by 10%. At higher altitudes, fly balls travel at an extra distance. Thus, home runs aren’t infrequent in this field.

In 2022, Coors Field ranked first in the most number of home runs according to ESPN’s MLB Park Factors.

Hardest MLB Park to Hit a Home Run


Chase Field in Arizona is the most challenging ballpark to hit a home run. The next three on the list are Kauffman Stadium, Oakland Coliseum, and Oracle Park.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who holds the record for the farthest home run ever hit?

The answer is complicated. There was no accurate technology to measure ball distances during the time of Mickey Mantle, Willie Stargell, or Babe Ruth.

Although historians said that their home runs reached whopping distances, the record for the longest home run as precisely measured by technology goes to Joey Meyer. He pulled off a moonshot of the second deck of Mile High Stadium at 582 feet.

Has anyone hit a ball that went beyond the Dodgers stadium?

Moonblast is relatively uncommon, but some baseball players could pull it off.

Giancarlo Stanton, the outfielder of the Yankees, carried off one of the most impressive home runs ever recorded. He hit a home run that sailed 485 feet.

How many players have hit a home run out of the Dodgers Stadium?

Only five players have hit a home run at the Dodger’s Stadium since its opening. The total home run was six.

Willie Stargell’s longest home run happened on August 5, 1969. It was the first home run at the Dodger’s Stadium, while Fernando Tatis Jr. launched the most recent on September 30, 2021.

What was the farthest home run in MLB history?

There isn’t a definitive list of the farthest home runs in MLB history. According to the historian Mark Gallager, the home run that traveled an epic distance of 643 feet happened at the Tiger Stadium in September 1960.

Mickey Mantle launched this unbelievable moon blast in MLB history. The ball went beyond the right field roof of the ballpark, which is inconceivable how it was even possible.

Has there been a walk-off in game 7 of the World Series?

Yes, there is. Bill Mazeroski of the Pirates achieved such an impressive feat at the Forbes Field in 1960.

Who holds the longest home run in 2023?

Giancarlo Stanton, the outfielder of the New York Yankees, launched a moonblast of 485 feet on April 2, 2023, against the San Francisco Giants at the Yankee Stadium. So far, it’s the farthest  MLB home run in 2023.

How much does a Dodger’s Moon Man fitted cap cost?

It depends on the brand and the quality of the material. The price range is estimated to be between $25 and $50.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, what is a moonblast in baseball?

It’s a home run that is at least 425 feet in distance. You wouldn’t want to miss that jaw-dropping feat at the next game series. Make sure to bring your camera or phone to record those riveting home run moments.

If you want to witness the most home runs, don’t miss the games at Coors Field.

There’s no conclusive list of the best sluggers who hit the longest home runs. What’s more important is to support your favorite team and enjoy watching the game.

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