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how many quarters in baseball

Throughout history, sports have been played through different sets of mechanisms. For example, volleyball is played in sets in which gaining 3 sets of the game signals a win. We also have basketball which is played in quarters —the team who leads the game after the 4th quarter wins the game.

Now, the question here is this: how many quarters in baseball?

A Baseball Game: 9 Innings and 0 Quarter


Not many people know that there are no quarters in a baseball game as it is not played in that manner. Unlike the usual quarters that happen in basketball, baseball consists of and is played through innings.

Generally, there are 9 innings in a baseball match. Each inning typically reaches the 20-minute mark in which both the defensive and offensive teams are given time to play on both sides of the field.

An alternative of Quarters in Baseball


Before diving into the alternatives of quarters in baseball, let’s first talk about the history of innings in a game of baseball. The term “inning” got its origin traced back to 1738, which was initially termed innian or innung, which means to get in the game.

There are no quarters in college baseball, or even in the professional league. The sport is played in 9 baseball innings, which are then divided into two halves – the top half and the bottom half.

In the first half of the inning, one team is tasked to bat balls and the other plays on the defense. In the second half, the roles of both teams will then switch up, allowing them to play defense and offense every game.

The winner of the game is decided by who gained the most runs after the 9 innings have been played.

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One of the things that make baseball unique is how it is generally played. The 9 innings in this sport allow the players to showcase what they can do on both sides of the field – be it on offense or on defense.

In this article on “how many quarters in baseball?”, I hope you were able to grasp the mechanism of how baseball is played, whether in college division or professional level.

May you continue learning about the sport we all love. Rest assured, there are many more lessons to learn!

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