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how many outs are in an inning of baseball

If you are new to baseball, you probably wonder a lot, including – How Many Outs Are in an Inning of Baseball? Do they affect the game?

Well, you are in luck because this read will give you the answers you need.

For starters, there are 9 innings in a baseball game. Thus, it makes a count of 3 outs per inning. Once these outs ensue, the half-inning is over.

Delve further as you read on.

Innings and Outs of a Baseball Game


Basically, the game of baseball is composed of two teams. Each group consists of nine players. With this comes the innings of the game.

Unlike other games, baseball comes without a clock or measuring time during a match. It is the reason why it uses innings.

In a baseball inning, there are a total number of nine – divided into two halves. There are The Bottom Half and The Top Half. That is how the playing teams start to take the chance.

Each group gets a hook to go for the outs per half-inning.

  • Bottom Half: The usual half-inning spot given to the home team.
  • Top Half: Normally, the away team will be getting this spot.

One team is at bat, each half-inning while the other is fielding. And for that to end, the defense must bring three outs. Outs in an inning of baseball are basically your exit tickets.

So, how many outs per inning in baseball? FIY, once there are three outs, the inning is over. It is now the take of the defense turn to hit. Even though three doesn’t sound and look like a lot, you would be stunned at how long some innings last.

Usually, the away team hits in the top half inning, while the Home Team strikes in the bottom half. So, the winning team needs to be the one with more runs in the circle of nine innings.

All-around, how many outs are in a full inning? Each team kept 27 complete outs per baseball game and a total 54.

Yet, an extra inning might occur. Extra innings are possible if there are tied scores between the two teams. Or, a special call took place for a 10th inning to vary.

Take a good look at this list below to further understand what are different cases in baseball:

  • The MLB or Major League Baseball Game takes 9 Innings (27 Outs per Team). Its time range goes up to 3 hours.
  • Collegiate Game takes 9 Innings, too (27 Outs per Team). The same goes for this level.
  • In high school baseball, it only takes 7 (21 Outs per Team). But, if there is still no winner after the said innings, each team grants an extra chance to play.
  • Kids League has the smallest number of innings, six or fewer (18 Outs or below per team).

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Tips to Get More Outs in an Inning


Indeed, learning such things is usually more challenging than you think. The following points are essential to know and remember to play baseball with a much smoother whirr.

Now, time for some tips and other information to learn about the outs of baseball.

Note that there are many chances if there are outs in a 9 inning baseball game! So, let’s go!

  • Strikeouts: It is a pitch on which the batter did three strikes by the umpire (the official watching the game) within an at-bat (player’s turn batting). There are various types of strikeouts, which are the looking, swinging, and foul tip.
  • Catches: It is an approach that might occur when the batter hits the ball flying, and a fielder catches it. The batting player is out.
  • Forces Outs: As one of the most basic ideas in baseball, a force out is one thing you can do to get more outs. It is when two base runners cannot settle the same base at once. This play will make the defense record an out without tagging someone, striking out, or more baseball action moves.
  • Tag Outs: These ensue if a base runner is off the base. It includes when a fielder with the ball touches the runner with the ball or glove. They are the most exciting during rundowns!

Additional ways to get more baseball outs:

  • Batter interference – It is when a base runner stalls the defensive play in a willful end. Take bumping into a player or bearing a hit as a sample.
  • Failure to tag up – Based on the rule, it is when the play’s baserunners must touch base. In addition, they must have an occupying spot when the play begins. Letdown to do so will get you out.
  • Illegal base running – A move like this can also give you the upper hand when getting out in baseball—each player attempts to reach a base during the game.

Effects of Outs on a Baseball Game


Outs got more power in the real game of baseball than most of you think. They have the power to rule the play. The sum of the outs selects how a team will play for the goal.

Keeping the inning busy will be a tough job for the offense if there are two outs out of three. Contrariwise, the defense will have pace on fetching the final out. Both teams should work on their outs per half inning.

On the other hand, there is a different effect when there are no outs or if the bases are loaded. The team of the offense ought to put the ball in play. If the bases already have two outs, the violation has to get a base hit.

These are the better moves to score any runs. Phew – Sounds tough!

Extra Outs and Special Situations – Baseball Edition


Even in the game of baseball, exceptional cases can also happen. And you are about to find out! Read on below.

These occasional events upon playing are called the extra inning or special situations.

  • Extra Inning: It is an extension of the game when both teams still tied their scores after the innings. Its number is unlimited – the 54 standard outs can be more!

Since it can reach longer than 10 innings in baseball, especially with the MLB, things can be a bit much. Here are some of the longest and shortest games in Baseball.

  • Longest Baseball Game in Record – May 1, 1920: Brooklyn Robins versus Boston Braves

Length: 26 Innings = 3 Hours and 50 Minutes.

  • Shortest Baseball Game in Record – September 28, 1919: Giants versus Phillies

Length: 09 Innings = 51 Minutes with only 51 outs

Well, some game, huh?

Speaking of special situations, here are some happenings that might shock and spice up the course of the play.

  • Home-Run Saving Grab
  • Three-run Deficit that turns into a One-run Walk-off wins on One Pitch.
  • Four Out Half Inning can also change up the game. It is a legal out by the defense after recording three outs in a half-inning.

The Types of Outs

Yes, there are types of outs that you should also know about. These will determine what kind of play rule the teams use. See the list curated down.

  • Force Out
  • Putout
  • Strikeout
  • A Tag Out
  • Throw Out


Baseball is a truly remarkable game of sports – don’t you think? Surprisingly, the question of how many outs are in an inning of baseball will give you so much information. Now that you have known them, you are a step closer to becoming an excellent player / avid fan.

You must know and understand those outs work that way. A baseball game has no end without good use of an out. So, try to make the most out of it!

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