How Long Is the MLB Season? – 2023 MLB Season Guide

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how long is the MLB season

It can be frustrating having to catch for the MLB games when the season is about to finish. Add into the fact that most baseball gaming schedules tend to be unpredictable. It takes longer than usual; at another time, it ends abruptly.

Integrating the entire MLB dates into your calendar can be tricky if you don’t know how long is the MLB season. So never miss a portion of this article to learn many more facts about the MLB season!


MLB Season Length

An entire MLB season, including the postseason, can take a total of 2 430 games played approximately in six months. This number of games is divided based on the 30 teams present in the American League.

A total of 2 430 games are divided into 162 games to be played by each team. The postseason serves as the additional big part of the games in a season.

How Many Weeks Are There in an MBL Season?

The answer to how many weeks in MLB season is twenty-six and one-half weeks. Sometimes, the season ends with only twenty-six weeks. In other instances, it takes half of a week from the first Sunday of the last month. The last month is when the postseason is carried out.

What Is a Postseason in MLB?

The postseason is also known as the playoff period. During this time, following the regular season, an ultimate winner is announced. Thus, it should make sense that MLB members also refer to the postseason as the championship game.

The Wild Card games serve as the postseason’s prelude. Here, selected wild card teams from each league face off via single-elimination rounds. The games continue until only two winning teams prevail.

These two winners then proceed to the central part of the postseason, the Division Series (NLDS or ALDS). At this point, only eight teams remain, with four representing the league.

The winners of the wild card games play head-to-head (best-of-five matches) with the winning teams in the other league. The rest of the two teams of each league play head-to-head.

The first team from each league to win three games advances to the League Championship Series or the pre-final round. This round has two parts: the NLCS and the ALCS. Both parts are best-of-seven matches. So, whichever team wins the first four games gets to advance to the World Series.

The winner of the best-of-seven World Series eventually earns the year’s title for the champion.

All these events affect the MLB season length.

What Month Does the Regular Season Open?

The regular season usually begins between March to April and caps between September to October. The rest of the postseason extends towards the first to the second week of November.

Highlights and Changes in 2022’s MLB Season Opening


The Opening Day. Opening day has been scheduled for March 31. Upon announcing the opening MLB schedule, talks of significant changes rushed in instantly.

But to set the context, it is essential to present the 2021 MLB season-opening amidst the pandemic. To sum up the whole experience, things were relatively shortened.

Fortunately, the 2022 MLB opening announcement declared that the lack of exposure in the previous year would no longer be a thing.

The significant changes include the long-sought integration between the National and American Leagues. The second massive change that will be introduced into the MLB this season is establishing the automatic strike zone.

The automatic strike zone automizes the role of the umpire.

While many experts have gone against this, some coaches think it is inevitable to happen in 2022. Indeed, it changes the length of MLB season, including its entire landscape.

One thing that is predicted to remain from the 2021 experience is the extended postseason.

Thus, we can still expect a long baseball season length in 2022- about 7-8 months, like last year. The first extension of the postseason that happened in 2021 came about due to the changes in the schedule due, of course, to the pandemic.

With the backlash of the pandemic, the so-called extension of the postseason is very much likely to happen.


The article states that a regular MLB season takes six to seven months. And that includes the postseason schedule. Getting a hold of how long is the MLB season properly immerses the person into the universe of MLB.

Several things affect the length of the MLB season. The postseason schedule, among the rest, heavily determines the actual length of the MLB season. If one is keen on finding out how long an MLB season lasts, one should look separately into the postseason events.

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