How to Hit Farther in Baseball? – 5 Things You Must Know!

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how to hit farther in baseball

In the home plate, a batter holds how the game goes. As the pitcher tosses their winning pitch, the batter must counter by swinging their winning swing.

It is common for a batter to aim for a home run. And to make it happen, they need to hit the baseball harder and farther to make it zoom across the field as far as they can.

Balance makes a batter an effective player on the field. Aside from eyeing home runs, batters should have what it takes to have their hits balanced, powerful, and accurate.

Here are steps that would explain how to hit farther in baseball:

Keys to Hitting the Baseball Farther

1. The Batting Tee


Before hopping onto the things to know on how to hit a baseball better, let us discuss an essential training tool for baseball swing. The batting tee can be of good use when there’s no pitcher around. To use a batting tee:

  • Adjust the tee to a comfortable position.
  • Place a baseball on the rubber cone.
  • Practice the correct posture, speed, and grip of batting.

It is important to hit a baseball every time it is pitched to you. A benefit of the batting tee is that it gives the trainee a better-controlled environment. Modifications in the level of the baseball to be hit are much more easily modified with a batting tee at hand.

Of course, the patting tee can be a useful training tool to practice hitting baseballs. However, it should not be used as a replacement for live batting practices. Tee training is only used as preliminary training to help the batter get the hang of batting.

2. Batting Practices

The batting tee is a great place to start, especially for younger trainees. Eventually, there must be means to increase hitting power in baseball.

To bring out a batter’s potential on the playing field, here is a series of steps to help you improve hitting in baseball!

 01 Improve your physical build


You can hit harder in baseball if your physique can allow you to do so. A farther hit can be obtained if you can hit the ball accurately and intensely.

Weak muscles will not provide the swinging power that you need. You can begin by training your upper body and several muscle groups outside of baseball training.

Exercise these muscles to help make them more powerful. Plus, muscle training can help boost your endurance when playing actual games.

Do not be mistaken, your lower body must also be built for the game! Your legs and trunk can help build the momentum you need for a powerful swing. Plus, training your lower body also brings a more holistic body fitness.

 02 When hitting, have the correct stance


The correct stance is essential when you want to hit a baseball harder. Stand wider than your shoulders and plant both feet firmly. At this stance, your weight will be focused on your heels.

As you swing, your leg must have a slight bend to halt your forward momentum. This will keep your stance firm and give you your needed bat speed.

Moreover, you need to have your back foot standing on the toe as you twist and swing.

When you swing, your back, knee, hip, and head must form a straight line. You have to swing a baseball bat with power when you successfully carry out this posture throughout your batting!

 03 Do not forget about the correct grip


Your stance needs to be paired with the correct grip on the bat. The way you hold your bat will emphasize either speed or power.

Holding the bat closer to the barrel will boost your swing speed. However, this will be at the expense of losing your power.

On the other hand, grasping closer to the end of the bat will boost your power. As the pattern goes, this will decrease your speed.

The correct grip differs for each batter. You can extensively practice in either of the two and find the perfect balance for you.

Regardless of your preferred level to grasp your bat, you need to have the correct position with your hands. Your dominant hand must be palm up and your non-dominant hand should have the palm facing the ground.

The correct grip will help you provide the power you need for a home run.

 04 Aim for the sweet spot of the baseball


The baseball will travel longer if you avoid hitting the ball straight-on. Home runs are more plausible if you aim for hitting the lower two-thirds of the speeding baseball.

By aiming for the lower two-thirds, you can propel the ball to a higher height. Plus, enough batting power will push the ball to an extended distance.

It is easier said than done – the ball flies toward you at a massive speed! But mastering hitting the sweet spot of a pitched baseball will be very rewarding in the long run.

 05 Do not lose your momentum after contacting the baseball

Once you hit the ball, continue swinging with the momentum from your stance. The power from your physique must add to the continued momentum of hitting the ball. Hence, expect that it can lead the batted ball out of the stadium fence.

To avoid wasting your momentum, continue your bat swing after you have made a successful hit to the lower two-thirds of the baseball.


What muscles make you hit a baseball farther?

It is essential to hit a baseball with power, but this power must be provided by your upper body muscles. Your upper back, core, glutes, and hamstrings are the essential muscles to hit a baseball farther.

But, do not forget that a baseball swing is a product of the movement of your entire body!

The hips must twist and bring further momentum to your arms to help propel the bat with more power. Your legs will act as your leverage to bring out your full potential in batting the ball.

How can I increase my hitting distance in baseball?

To hit a baseball farther, you can aim for the lower two-thirds of the ball, boost your physical capacity, and make sure that you can maximize the momentum from your entire body.


Hit a baseball far, and you will surely bring your team closer to victory. So while training for your big games, you might ask yourself to learn how to hit farther in baseball.

Batting home runs can be exciting, and all you need to do is train your body well to do the winning swing. After training your muscles to be strong, you can practice the correct stance and grip.

Maximize your body’s momentum in each swing and hit the baseball right at its sweet spot.

Plus, a little bit of training will surely bring you the outcome that you need and hit that baseball far out!

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