How to Draw a Baseball Field? 3 Easy Steps with Tutorial Video

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how to draw a baseball field

Whether you are doing it out of personal favor, a school project, or commissioned work, drawing a baseball field requires knowing the basics. Every endeavor needs to be learned from its gut-deep, most basic level.

For some, drawing a baseball field is simple. But for others, it can be pretty tricky if you do not have the right tools for doing it. If you read this article to the finish, you will learn how to draw a baseball field, plus many other fun facts!

What You Will Need

1. Paper

I mean, it’s just paper. What’s so tricky about it, right? So, a decent piece of white paper will do. Or, if you want a top-quality image, you can use rag-papers, high-grade products with a smooth surface.

2. Pen – Baseball field drawing

is fun if you use the best erasable pen.

Here are the qualities of erasable pens ideal for use in a drawing:

  • Has neat erasure feature
  • Has a smooth hold on the paper surface
  • Has penmanship that does not appear in blotches
  • Has vibrant color
  • Does not leave marks after erasure

3. Ruler

A ruler is surely required when you draw a baseball field step by step.

We can draw a non-complicated image of a baseball field with regular or T-square rulers made of metal.

4. Eraser

If you do not already have an eraser for drawing, you can look for eraser products with no pumice or hard rubber contents.

An eraser has many shapes. If you want lesser erasure effort with maximum reach, you should opt for a rectangular shape.

However, if you are more particular with accuracy and control, you should go for a thinner, cylindrical one. Both shapes work nicely when you draw a baseball stadium.

5. Protractor

Protractors work as the perfect angle-measuring tool. Maintaining the angles and shapes of a baseball stadium drawing can become frustrating if not drawn accurately. Protractors can instantly provide the semi-circle outline of a baseball field complete with the right angle measurements.

Protractors come in varied sizes and materials. We recommend using a metal protractor for firmer and sustainable usage. But if you are on a budget, a plastic-made protractor would do.

Step by Step Instructions


Step 1: Establish the angles.

Decide and picture out placing the seats behind the home plate of your imagined baseball field. Use the pen to draw a broken circle with points that almost meet between 3-5 inches gap on the paper, depending on your preferred size.

Use a ruler to draw two lines extending out and up like an inverted triangle from these two points. Imagine an inverted triangle that has a broken circle for a tip. That is what it should resemble.

Finally, connect the open lines of the triangle with a semi-circle (using the protractor). Use the protractor to measure to establish the angles of the field.

Step 2: Assign the home plate and the field positions.

Draw a solid point between the field’s lower portion (in the middle of the circle). This mark will serve as the home plate.

Once done, mark the upper right portion of the field or diamond as the right field. Mark the center as the center field, the left field, and the left field. You can add in the bases after.

Step 3: Draw the inside part of the field or diamond.

Draw a literal diamond with four small corners to fit right inside the field. Make sure that its bottom corner’s shape aligns with the broken circle below, almost resembling a slight arc. Once done, place the pitcher’s mound in the center of the inner diamond-shaped circle.

You can add several details inside the drawing of the baseball field.


There are several ways on how to draw a baseball field or diamond. Some styles tend to be more complicated than others; some are simpler. Here, we are recommending a more straightforward but accurate drawing of a baseball field. Thus, if you are a beginner, this method should help you.

Even at the advanced level, this method still works as an effective template. Just make sure to acquire the materials needed for drawing the baseball field.

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