What Does BP Mean in Baseball? – BP Baseball Abbreviation

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what does bp mean in baseball

In all the abbreviations in baseball, we will talk about another essential term. What does BP mean in baseball?

BP is a slang term, referring to batting practice. In a baseball game, there is this period before the game starts where batters can warm up. This is the batting period where players can practice hitting and do some exercises to prepare for the game.

Getting players warmed up prior to playing their anticipated games helps them recalibrate their bodies and boost their mental focus.

BP in Baseball: It Stands for…

The BP baseball term stands for batting practice. In any other genre, the abbreviation BP is quite common, but batting practice is what it stands for in baseball terms.

Commentators also use the term BP, so you need to know it. In fact, baseball is an interesting sport because the batting practice is a lot more entertaining than what happens in other sports.

The MLB batting practice has not changed much in the past years. It is not your typical player doing some stretching exercises. Instead, the players get to do their hitting practices with their bats!

Definition of BP

Batting practice is a term that is used in both baseball and softball. To give you a better idea, batting practice is the time before a baseball game starts when the teams can practice their swings and hits.

The difference with the batting practice is that everything is done live on the same field where they will play their games. The rationale is that the players have one last chance to warm up and get a feel of the field before their actual game starts.

Moreover, the BP pitcher usually throws the balls so their team can hit them easily.

BP Baseball Meaning


The definition of BP is quite straightforward.

  • Since it refers to a period, what time does batting practice start?

There is no strict rule on the length of time allotted for a game’s batting practice. However, the average for a batting practice is around two hours before the tournament starts. One hour is allotted per team.

Since there are two teams and just one playing field, one team will go first. The home team will do their batting practice first.

However, it is also important to note that baseball also has some other meaning in the acronym BP.

  • In a general sense, BP can refer to blood pressure or a player’s health metric.
  • On the other hand, some understand BP as the Baseball Prospectus.

This organization has a website that publishes articles all about analysis of baseball games and players.

The website of BP features analytical data, player and team performance forecasts, and a staff of regular columnists. A Baseball Prospectus annual, as well as various additional books on baseball analysis and history, have been released by the BP staff since 1996.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does BP stand for in athletics?

As we noted, BP can mean a bunch of acronyms. It is just that BP for batting practice is the most common association, especially for baseball.

In a lot of other sports, BP can stand for baton pass, back pass, ballpark, ball possession, or blood pressure.

What does throwing a BP mean?

Throwing BP mean that you release a ball to a hitter. But what is its difference from the usual throw in any other game, practice, or tournament?

In batting practice, the pitcher is supposed to throw the ball over and over again. This is because the batting practice is meant to be repetitive for the pitchers to get a feel of the ball.

Sometimes, throwing a BP is made to be easily hit by the pitcher since no competitive spirit is at play yet.

What does B mean in baseball pitching?

Again, baseball is filled with all sorts of acronyms. In baseball pitching, B can refer to some baseball stats and hitting abbreviations. 2B, 3B, and AB are common hitting abbreviations with the letter B. These refer to doubles, triples, and at-bats, respectively.

Moreover, you can also encounter B in player position abbreviations. 1B, 2B, and 3B stands for first, second, and third base, respectively.

These may all have the letter B in them, but it is not necessarily related to batting practice.


Unlike sports games like in 2k, real athletes need time to ensure that their bodies are in top condition before they play.

This article gave you a brief but comprehensive answer to the question of what BP means in baseball.

So, what does bp mean in baseball? Essentially, BP stands for batting practice, when players warm up by pitching and hitting a bunch of baseballs on the tournament grounds.

Baseball has other meanings with BP or B because this sport is creative in wordplay! Make sure to know these and be acquainted with boosting your sporty knowledge.

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