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best sunglasses for baseball

Sunglasses have become a staple piece of equipment for baseball players. After all, these products are one of the only defenses against a fielder’s greatest weakness: the sun. So the next logical step for ball players is to try and find the best sunglasses for baseball.

But sadly, many of them run into trouble when shopping for them. There are various moving parts that can even confuse people who’ve been buying sunglasses for years. It can become a truly frustrating experience, especially with all the available options.

However, I intend to make these feelings disappear by providing a detailed buying guide. It’ll discuss every essential factor to ensure picking the perfect pair is effortless. Here’s a quick look at some of these factors to offer a solid starting point:

Construction Durability

Every baseball player would benefit significantly from a durable set of sunglasses. But not all pairs meet these requirements. So buyers want to ensure their chosen option has a durable construction made from shatterproof materials.

UVA Protection

The best baseball sunglasses will offer 100% UVA protection. It’s a critical trait because it ensures harmful sun rays can’t cause eye damage.

UVA Protection

The cost of baseball sunglasses isn’t a fixed point. So buyers should create a budget based on their particular needs before starting the shopping process. It’ll do wonders to help them navigate all the price variations.

Aside from the buying guide, I’ve collected and reviewed five high-quality sunglasses for baseball players. Combining these two resources will ensure selecting the perfect option doesn’t seem impossible anymore!

3 Premium-Rated Picks


Franklin Sports ‎19180

Weight: 0.01 ounces

Style: Sport flip-up

Lens color: Blue


Bea CooL 7188

Weight: 0.549 pounds

Style: Polarized sport

Lens color: Black


Bea CooL UV400

Weight: 0.529 pounds

Style: Polarized sport

Lens color: Red/orange

5 Top-Rated Sunglasses for Baseball

1. Franklin Sports ‎19180 Baseball Sunglasses

Measurements: ‎3 x 1 x 1 inches

Frame color: Black

Weight: 0.01 ounces

Style: Sport flip-up

Lens color: Blue

Design: Polycarbonate (plastic) lenses and frames

Extra accessories: Headband strap and carrying bag

The Franklin Sports ‎19180 Baseball Sunglasses is a solid choice for baseball or softball players. After all, it offers a convenient flip-up design that is adaptable to all situations.

It allows me to fight glare when flipped down and enjoy my time in the dugout when flipped up.

Meanwhile, the product’s UV protection provides users with UVA and UVB protection to ensure glare or harmful sun rays aren’t a problem on the baseball field.

This product is more than just usable as sunglasses for baseball players too. I can easily see people who enjoy rowing, hiking, or skiing using them without issues. In fact, I’ve used these baseball shades several times during walks on my nearby running trails.

Buyers will also enjoy the lightweight, comfortable construction. I’d forget I was wearing sunglasses if it weren’t for the blue tint. It’s the right fit around my ears, especially compared to a more tight-fitting pair like Bea CooL’s 7189 Sport Polarized Sunglasses.

One final highlight about these top baseball sunglasses is they came with a carrying case. It’s crucial because it makes carrying and maintaining them much more manageable. I’ll always suggest buyers stick with products that come with these cases whenever possible. My only concern with these sunglasses is their plastic frame. It’s less structural sound than I’ve seen from other choices. But if the user is careful, there should be little issue regarding how long these shades last.


  • Adapts to all situations with a convenient flip-up design
  • Excellent UV protection to prevent glare and eye damage
  • Suitable for various outdoor activities like hiking and rowing
  • Comfortable and easy to use with a lightweight construction
  • Effortless to carry via included carry pouch


  • Durability concerns with the plastic frame

2. Bea CooL 7188 Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Weight: 0.549 pounds

Frame color: Black

Lens color: Black

UV protection: 100%

Design: TAC and PC lenses with plastic frame

Warranty: Lifetime breakage warranty

Extra accessories: Zipper case, cleaning cloth, carrying pouch, and screwdriver

Bea CooL’s 7188 Polarized Sports Sunglasses were an easy inclusion on this list. It all starts with this product’s incredibly durable construction that I can trust will last a long time. After all, it’s made from shatterproof, anti-scratch TAC material to ensure it remains in good condition.

However, its durability doesn’t cover all of its positive traits. I was also blown away by its HD polarized lens, designed specifically for sports. Usually, I’m not a fan of baseball sunglasses polarized lenses, but these offer spectacular UV and glare protection. I didn’t have a single problem with seeing the ball while playing infield.

The lightweight design doesn’t hurt this product’s case, either. I was surprised at how much comfortable it felt wearing them than my previous Under Armour and Nike baseball sunglasses.

These sunglasses have a rubber nose pad that boosts comfort as well. It’s vital to ensure the shades don’t slip off my face when playing a ground ball or pop fly. This trait is one where many cheap sunglasses fail to meet expectations.

Furthermore, Bea CooL does every buyer solid by including several critical extra accessories: a zipper case, cleaning cloth, carrying pouch, and screwdriver. All of them have helped care for and maintain these convenient sunglasses.

As for its flaws, I only have one complaint concerning its carrying case. It provides a relatively snug fit when placing the glasses into it, which can be frustrating. But it still protects them enough to where using the case is more than worth it.


  • Durable construction made from shatterproof, anti-scratch TAC material
  • Top-tier UV and glare protection with HD polarized lens
  • The lightweight design promotes comfortable wearing.
  • Prevents slippage with a rubber nose pad
  • Easy to care for and maintain via included accessories


  • The provided case is a bit small.

3. Bea CooL UV400 Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Weight: 0.529 pounds

Frame color: White and red

Hand: Right-hand throw (left-hand option available

Style: Polarized sport

Lens color: Red/orange (other colors available)

UVA and UVB protection: 100%

Design: Plastic frame with triacetate cellulose lens

Extra accessories: Zipper case, cleaning cloth, carrying pouch, and screwdriver

Clarity is one of the most crucial aspects when buying baseball sunglasses. In fact, it’s an area where the Bea CooL UV400 Sport Polarized Sunglasses often separates itself. After all, it provides users with HD polarized lens, a rimless jacket frame, and 100% UVA and UVB protection to ensure top-tier clarity.

These attributes alone would be enough for most buyers. But I wasn’t convinced until noticing its top-tier construction featuring shatterproof lenses and reliable plastic. These features ensured these glasses haven’t broken multiple times when I dropped them.

Meanwhile, the sunglasses have a lightweight design to ensure effortless use. It makes them an ideal fit to work as youth baseball sunglasses or kids baseball sunglasses.

We will have fourteen schemes to find the perfect match in. I’ll always prefer a long list of available options over the limited number found on other designs like Franklin Sports’ ‎19180 Baseball Sunglasses.

One final highlight to note is this product’s affordable price. It’s not the least costly on our list, but it still hangs around what I’d consider a bargain among brands like Routine baseball sunglasses and 100% sunglasses baseball lenses. So it’s easy to see why it’s a favorable choice for baseball coaches and players.

I did have one minor issue with this option, though. The fit was tighter around my ears than I usually like for infielder or outfielder sunglasses. But over time, I got used to it and didn’t mind it nearly as much, especially when considering other benefits.


  • Excellent clarity/UV protection with HD polarized lens and rimless jacket frame
  • High-quality construction made from shatterproof lenses and reliable plastic
  • Effortless to wear and use via a lightweight design
  • Multiple stylish colors choices for user convenience
  • A more affordable option


  • The tight fit can be off-putting.

4. Rawlings ‎10252451 SMU Adult Baseball Sunglasses

Measurements: ‎6.02 x 4.65 x 2.28 inches

Weight: 0.04 pounds

Frame color: White

Style: Non-polarized mirrored lens with foldable frame (no flip-up)

Lens color: Orange multi-color (various other colors available)

UV protection: 100%

Design: Polycarbonate mirrored lens and plastic frame

Rawlings’ ‎10252451 SMU Adult Baseball Sunglasses earned a place on this list with various top-end features, but none more impressive than its wraparound frame design, which prevents the glasses from falling off my face. They even stay on when I attempt to field a grounder or fly ball.

Therefore, it’s not shocking to learn these sunglasses are usable in all outdoor activities. It’s easy to see them being valuable when hiking, biking, or running. This versatility makes them one of the more attractive options on this list.

These sunglasses are fitted with stylish, scratch-resistant, mirrored lenses. It allows them to provide perfect clarity while being an ideal addition for baseball hats on hot summer days.

As for their protection performance, these sunglasses only get rave reviews. They offer 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays to ensure there aren’t any issues. It’s an attribute that makes me feel much better when in the sun for long periods.

One more helpful feature would be this product’s foldable frame. It makes them easy to store on nightstands or other similar areas. Plus, they take up less room than other unfolded sunglasses. On the downside, there is no carrying case. The accessory would’ve made it much more convenient, especially for me. I’m known for being clumsy and dropping everything, so I always benefit from a protective case.


  • Wraparound frame design promotes high stability and reduces slippage
  • Usable for all outdoor activities
  • Stylish and scratch-proof mirrored lenses provide excellent clarity
  • Wearable under hats
  • 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays
  • Easy to store with a foldable frame


  • No carrying case included

5. Oakley OO9208 Men’s Radar EV Path Sunglasses

Weight: 0.353 pounds

Frame color: Polished white blue (other colors available)

Lens color: Prizm Sapphire (other colors available)

UV protection: 100%

Design: Plastic frame with non-polarized plastic lens

Extra accessories: Carrying case included

Our final product, Oakley’s OO9208 Men’s Radar EV Path Sunglasses, is the cream of the crop for baseball sunglasses. It earns this position by having a one-of-a-kind, stylish design with various colors available. Plus, it combines these attributes with top-of-the-line features that other brands can’t match.

An excellent example is this product’s Radar EV Path lenses, which offer top-tier clarity. It was stunning to witness when first wearing them. They made my peripheral vision much better, especially when attempting to bring a solid performance to the field.

Meanwhile, Oakley’s did an excellent job creating a reliable and durable construction. Somehow, they made the frames and lenses from high-grade plastic without sacrificing colors and contrast. So I got a long-term solution that can offer top-line clarity without any issues.

These sunglasses also prevent pesky sun rays from causing damage or glare. It’s why they’re such a solid choice for baseball outfield positions. After all, there isn’t a place on the field where the sun plays more of a factor than in the outfield.

Buyers shouldn’t ignore this product’s ability to adapt to prescription lenses, either. Anyone with vision correction issues can have the lenses fitted to meet their needs. I value this attribute as my eyesight has worsened over the years.

The only problem with these highly unique sunglasses is their high price. But it makes sense, since they could hold the title of being the coolest baseball sunglasses. So buyers must decide if all the fancy features are worth the cost increase.


  • Stylish design with multiple color options available
  • Top-tier peripheral vision via Radar EV Path lenses
  • Well-crafted high-visibility construction with plastic lenses and frames
  • Prevents glasses and eye damage with 100% UV protective coating
  • Adaptable to prescription lenses


  • A higher-priced option

What to Look for When Buying Baseball Sunglasses


Our product reviews provided a glimpse at several top options. However, it’s time to look more deeply at all the crucial buying factors with detailed discussions. It’ll ensure choosing your next pair of baseball sunglasses will be an absolute breeze!

Factor 1

Sunglasses aren’t known for being sturdy or reliable. Breaking them is almost a given when using them regularly. It only becomes more problematic when you throw a strenuous activity like baseball into the mix. So I’d recommend buying an incredibly durable option.

Finding these durable options is all about looking at the construction materials. Most brands will make it easy by listing them in the product’s description.

  • It would be best to look for shatterproof or anti-scratch materials like polycarbonate, Trivex, or PC with durable reputations.

But please, don’t buy a sunglass based on the brand’s word alone. You’ll also want to research their reputations on Reddit or customer reviews. Both these resources will give you a ton of information on how well the sunglasses hold up on the baseball diamond.

UVA Protection

The entire purpose of buying sunglasses is to protect your eyes. But what is the most important thing to protect them against? Sun rays. These problematic nuisances can cause eye damage and make you misjudge where the baseball will fall.

As a result, it’s vital to buy sunglasses that offer UV protection.

  • Most brands will label these options with the phrases “100% UVA resistant” or “100% UVB proof”. So finding these options is relatively easy when looking through all the available sunglasses.

However, you’ll want to research this ability thoroughly. It’s the only way to protect your eyes on the baseball diamond or while doing other outdoor activities. In fact, it always makes me feel better to have my sunglasses whenever faced with long-term sun exposure.

Comfortable Design

Comfort is always a top consideration when buying sunglasses. It isn’t any different with baseball options, so purchasing a comfortable pair is vital. Otherwise, your time spent on the baseball field could soon become unpleasant. Buying all-day comfort or sport designs is an easy way to find comfortable options. These sunglasses are designed for daily use and prevent any issues.

  • In most cases, it’s achieved through adding extra support or padding at the nose. Consider product compatibility with hats or helmets if you wear them as well.

Finding these features will be easy as most brands advertise them in the ad description.

Buyers will also want to check out each option’s frame material. It’ll have a sizable impact on how well the sunglasses fit and feel. I’d suggest selecting a material with a reputation for being sturdy and lightweight like plastic or nylon. If you’re worried about durability, a metal frame could be more your speed.


Sunglasses will vary greatly when it comes to clarity. In fact, many options will be insufficient when it comes to this area. These subpar sunglasses end up fogging up or smudging much too quickly, which affects overall performance.

Therefore, a buyer’s best interest is to avoid these options. So, players will want to stick with choices from high-quality brands like Rawlings, Franklin, or Oakleys. All the brands mentioned in our product reviews have an excellent reputation regarding clarity.

  • Some features to consider would be glasses capable of repelling grime, dirt, or dust.All of these substances have a massive impact on the clarity of sunglasses.

It’s wise to invest in a pair capable of preventing them without issue. In particular, this aspect is absolutely essential for baseball catchers due to their position on the field.

Lens Shape

The best baseball sunglasses will have a shielded lens shape. It’s an excellent attribute because it’ll wrap around the player’s eyes. Therefore, it creates an ideal situation for anyone who intends to wear them when playing sports.

After all, this shielded lens shape prevents the glasses from falling off when you’re moving. It’ll keep them in place if you’re attempting to field a grounder or catch a pop fly. Baseball players are best off choosing glasses with this lens shape.


Most baseball players are shocked by how much prices vary for sunglasses. But there’s a variety of impactful features capable of increasing costs significantly. So anyone who wants these features, such as a shatterproof construction, should account for them on a budget.

For instance, I’m very cautious about keeping my budget under $50. I don’t feel comfortable spending more on sunglasses, especially when I won’t use them regularly. Therefore, my budget must reflect this need to create a more streamlined shopping process. I can then use this budget to navigate this marketplace much more effortlessly. It’ll help me lower the number of available choices to a more manageable number. Trust me; the shopping process becomes much less stressful with a smaller marketplace of options.

What Color Sunglasses Are Best for Baseball?


I recommend choosing a sunglass lens depending on the weather and the level of contrast you want.

Amber and blue are excellent for sunny days and offer a good contrast to enhance your surroundings. Meanwhile, yellow and clear colors are ideal for indoor games or cloudy days.

But for a more ‘natural’ view with sun protection, gray may be the best choice.

Is It Better to Have Polarized Sunglasses for Baseball?

Classic polarized sunglasses aren’t a suitable choice for baseball use. After all, these options can mess with your depth perception to maximize the reduction of potential glare. This trade-off becomes problematic when a ball is flying right at you, like in baseball.

In most cases, you’ll misjudge the ball and miss it altogether. So it becomes an untenable situation for people attempting to field a baseball. Therefore, avoiding traditional polarized sunglasses when playing any sport is best.

But there are few polarized sunglasses meant for baseball usage. There are better options to use on the diamond than these options. However, they can be an inexpensive choice for people not looking to spend a significant amount on sunglasses. An excellent example would be Bea CooL’s 7188 Polarized Sports Sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses don’t get much better than ones made by this manufacturer.

What Percent of Mlb Players Wear Glasses?

Generally, MLB players don’t wear prescription glasses on the field. These players often choose to wear contacts as an alternative. But the percentage of MLB players who do require glasses or contacts is 29.6%, according to a recent study.

As for sunglasses, the vast majority of MLB players wear them. I’d put the number around 75% or even higher if I had to give an educated guess. After all, MLB players sunglasses allow them an easy way to prevent the sun from significantly impacting their ability to field a ball.


Finding the best sunglasses for baseball is vital to having success on the field. These glasses could differ between fielding a ball cleanly and letting it roll past you. So please, trust our buying guide and use it to find the perfect pair.

Lastly, if you have any remaining questions, leave them in the comment section. I’ll answer them quickly to help you through this process. Thanks for reading!

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