5 Best Outfield Gloves That Help You Become an Great Outfielder

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best outfield gloves

Finding the best outfield gloves is crucial to playing those positions successfully. They could be the difference between catching a liner to the gap and letting it pass. So it makes sense to purchase whatever is necessary to stop the latter from becoming a reality.

However, this shopping process can be overwhelming for some buyers. It’s completely understandable with so many available options. But I’ve learned how to navigate this marketplace effortlessly.

So I intend to help buyers do the same with a detailed buying guide. It’ll take them through everything a person needs to know before selecting the perfect outfield glove. Here’s a small sample to show what lies ahead in our article:

Glove Size

Outfield gloves for baseball players must be larger than infield options. I’d recommend getting a glove anywhere between 12 and 13 inches. Youth players will want a size closer to 12 inches, while adults should look at models above 12.5 inches.

Ease of Use

An outfield glove won’t do much good if it’s difficult to close and seal a caught ball. Instead, buyers will want a glove that makes things easier when catching a long fly ball.

Pocket Size

All the top outfielder gloves will have designs with a deep pocket. It’ll help secure hard-hit fly balls without worrying about them coming loose. After all, there’s nothing worse than catching a fly ball and having it slip out because the pocket wasn’t secure enough.

3 Premium-Rated Picks


Rawlings ‎PRORKB17 Glove

Size: 12.25 inches

Weight: 1.32 pounds

Age Group: Youth and adults


WILSON A2000 Baseball  Glove 

Size: 12.75 inches

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Age Group: Adult


Franklin Field Master Glove

Size: 12 inches

Weight: 0.83 pounds

Age Group: Youth/Adult

But these discussions were only the starting point. I’ve also spent a long time compiling a list and reviewing five high-quality outfield gloves. So you’ll soon have everything needed to select the perfect option to help you become an excellent outfielder!

5 Top-Rated Outfield Gloves

1. Rawlings ‎PRORKB17 Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove

Size: 12.25 inches

Design Material: Blend (cowhide and leather

Hand: Right-hand throw (left-hand option available

Color: Camel

Age Group: Youth and adults

Weight: 1.32 pounds

Warranty: 1-Year Policy

Rawlings’s ‎PRORKB17 Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove is a solid asset for your game with its various high-valued attributes. An excellent example would be its ability to offer top-tier comfort via its thermoformed hand opening. I couldn’t believe how much more secure it felt on my wrist than my previous baseball gloves for outfielders.

Another area where this glove impressed me was its overall durability. Rawlings did a solid job crafting this product from high-quality cowhide and leather. It’s easy to imagine it lasting longer than cheap outfield gloves.

Meanwhile, this product offers more versatility than a traditional outfield glove. It’s effective for infielders, such as shortstops or second basemen. In fact, I just loaned it to a friend who plays shortstop in his local league. He couldn’t stop raving about a double play ball, which was thanks to this glove’s length.

I was happy with the short break-in time for this Rawlings outfield glove – it only took a week or two. To put things into perspective, it was much quicker than the other Rawlings option that appeared later on this list.

As for its performance quality, I was pleased with how easy the glove was to close. I had no trouble snagging and securing any pop fly that came my way, thanks to its deep pocket.

But I wish this outfield glove didn’t have such a high price tag. It’s easily the most costly option on this list. However, it’s hard to argue with all the positive benefits it provides, especially with its durable construction, breathability, and comfort levels.


  • Top-tier comfort with a thermoformed hand opening
  • Durable construction made from cowhide and leather
  • Versatile design suitable for both infielders and outfielders
  • Short break-in time for convenient use
  • Effortless to close with excellent ball security (deep pocket)


  • A higher price option

2. WILSON A2000 Baseball Glove

Size: 12.75 inches

Design Material: SuperSkin microfiber leather with polyester

Hand: Right-hand throw (left-hand option available)

Color: Black and gray

Age Group: Adult

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Warranty: 1-year policy

Outfielders will have difficulty finding a more user-friendly option than the WILSON A2000 Baseball Glove. It’s a perfect outfield glove size at 12.75 inches to help snag fly balls out in the right, center, or left field. In fact, it’s the sizing used in most MLB outfield gloves.

Another user-friendly feature would be its durable, moisture-resistant design. These attributes will help the glove last much longer than other options. It all comes from WILSON’s usage of SuperSkin material, which ensures a top-tier level of quality.

Moreover, this glove’s design does a solid job of making it easy to clean and maintain. I haven’t had a single issue getting any unwanted residue off it. It’s a striking difference from what I’ve found with standard leather options.

But I wasn’t sold on this glove until I tried it in the field. It all changed when the first ball came out and how much it outperformed my prior fastpitch outfield glove. So I had to praise its use of spin control technology, which is at the heart of this development.

I was also impressed by its comfortable feel and fit. The ComfortPro lining certainly lives up to its name with how it seemed to form to my hand with repeated use. Pardon the pun, but it ended up fitting like an absolute glove. As for its flaws, some customers noted being confused by the sizing. So it’s imperative to take a long look at the provided measurements. I’d also like to point out that this glove is another of the higher price choices in this marketplace.


  • Ideal for outfielders with large 12.75-inch size
  • Promotes longevity with durable, moisture-resistant design (SuperSkin material)
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Utilizes spin control technology to make catching balls easier
  • Excellent comfort via form-fitting ComfortPro lining


  • Confusing sizing
  • A higher price option

3. Franklin Sports ‎22603 Baseball Glove

Size: 12 inches

Design Material: Synthetic leather

Hand: Right-hand throw (left hand available)

Color: Tan with black pocket

Age Group: Youth/Adult

Weight: 0.83 pounds

Warranty: 90-day limited policy

The Franklin Sports ‎22603 Baseball Glove separates itself from other good outfield gloves in a relatively simple way. It’s a more affordable option with a reputation for being among the best bargains. Based on my experience, I can confirm these findings.

For instance, this affordable choice is still made from high-quality synthetic leather. It has no issues providing reliable, long-term performance. My nephew’s been using it for a few months and hasn’t seen a single sign of wear and tear.

This glove’s easy break-in process is another worthwhile attribute. So anyone who requires a quick replacement option would benefit significantly from this model. It certainly came in handy when my nephew’s most used outfield glove finally needed replacing.

Buyers also should pay attention to this glove’s adjustable strap. It’s a genuinely convenient aspect to ensure finding a comfortable fit is an effortless process. Therefore, it’s another trait to show further how much of a bargain this option can be for the right buyer.

Another attractive component of this glove is its multiple stylish color choices. So it allows buyers to find an option that matches their preferences to a tee. In my case, I was thrilled with the tan and black choice, but all the others are excellent color schemes. But even with all these great highlights, I have one concern with this glove. Its hand opening has proven to be a little small for some adults. So paying attention and ensuring it’s not an issue when deciding to buy is vital.


  • A more affordable option
  • High-quality synthetic leather construction offers reliable performance
  • Easy to break in with its responsive design
  • The adjustable strap provides effortless size adjustment
  • Multiple stylish colors available for user convenience


  • Hand opening is small for some adults.

4. Rawlings ‎EC1225-6B-3/0 Encore Outfield Baseball Glove

Size: 12.25 inches

Design Material: Pro soft eather

Hand: Right-hand throw (left hand available)

Color: Black and Silver

Age Group: Youth (ages 8-14)

Weight: 1.26 pounds

Warranty: 40 Year limited

Youth player outfield gloves don’t get much better than Rawlings’ ‎EC1225-6B-3/0 Encore Outfield Baseball Glove. For instance, its 12.25-inch size is perfectly crafted for ballplayers between the ages of 8 and 14. It’ll be a seamless fit for almost all of them.

This attribute is made even more apparent with the glove’s adjustable strap. As a result, it becomes effortless to find a comfortable fit. My nephew managed to find a perfect setup within only a few minutes.

Aside from its convenient fit, I was also impressed with its protection features. Rawlings incorporated palm protection and a more extended glove base for safety reasons. These components help protect the wrist area from any unexpected line drives.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed by its performance quality, either. It provides outfielders with a deep pocket and effective web designs to ensure a ball remains secure in the mitt. Due to this, my nephew’s overall outfield play has improved significantly since using the glove.

The glove’s soft leather was another attribute that caught my eye. Somehow, it provides comfort and durability without sacrificing in either area. It’s one more reason why Rawlings, along with 44 Outfield Gloves and WILSON, are my favorite brands in this marketplace.

But the break-in process takes a bit longer than expected. It’s undoubtedly the longest among these five good outfield choices. However, the other features made this waiting period more than worth it.


  • Well-crafted design with a 12.25-inch size for youth players (8 to 14 years old)
  • Customizable fit with adjustable strap
  • Promotes wrist and handle safety (palm protection and more extended base)
  • Soft and durable leather construction for long-term use
  • Top-tier outfield performance via a deep pocket and effective web design


  • It takes some time to break in properly

5. Mizuno GFN1250B4 Outfield Baseball Glove

Size: 12.5 inches

Design Material: Leather and lace binding

Hand: Right-hand throw


Age Group: Youth and Adult

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Warranty: Only for manufacturer defects

Mizuno’s GFN1250B4 Outfield Baseball Glove isn’t the most advanced option available, but it does excel with its versatility. It’s known for being a suitable option among youth and petite adult ball players with its 12.5-inch design. As a result, it becomes a valuable commodity within this marketplace.

But this versatility isn’t the glove’s only calling card. I’ve also been impressed with its moisture-wicking lining material. This aspect may seem minor, but it improves breathability, reduces sweat build-up, and prevents the glove from slipping off my hand.

Another interesting feature was this product’s palm pad. It’s one of my favorite inclusions because it reduces shock impact and stinging sensations when catching a ball. It recently came in handy as I had to catch a bullet line drive and didn’t experience any discomfort.

I was also delighted by Mizuno’s choice of using full-grain leather material. It gives the glove a softer, more comfortable feel while retaining high durability. In other words, this glove excels in almost every area I’m looking for.

It even has a more classic color scheme than many other available options. The tan and brown coloring meshes perfectly with my personality. Many other people looking for an outfield glove will feel the same way.

Sadly, left-handed people won’t be able to benefit from this reliable Mizuno outfield glove, as there isn’t an available choice for left-handed throwers. So they’ll need to look elsewhere when finding their next outfield glove.


  • Versatile 12.5-inch design suitable for youth and adult players
  • Reduces sweat build and slippage with a moisture-wicking lining
  • A convenient palm pad reduces shock and sting
  • Full-grain leather construction promotes comfort and durability
  • Stylish tan and brown color scheme


  • No left-hand throw option

What to Look for When Buying Outfield Gloves

outfield gloves for baseball

Since you’ve now got a look at several top options, let’s help you choose one. It’s time to revisit those vital buying factors and discuss some others. These discussions will ensure you find the perfect outfield glove for your needs.

Glove Size

At first, keeping track of all the available glove sizes can be difficult. I’ve had several people ask me about what length glove is best for outfield. Thankfully, choosing the right one for outfield positions is easier than infield positions or catchers.

Buyers will want a larger glove than when choosing one for infield positions. It makes sense because you cover a lot more distance when playing right, center, or left field. As a result, you’ll need a slightly bigger glove to reach those balls that hit the outfield gaps.

So what does this mean? Well, I’d recommend getting a glove between 12 and 13 inches. You’d be better off on the lower side for youth players, such as 12 or 12.25 inches. Both would be a solid option for a 10 year old or 13 year old.

Adults or players for high school teams should look at gloves anywhere from 12.5 inches to 13 inches, with 12.75 inches being the most common option. These outfield gloves will have no trouble snagging those hard-to-reach gappers. Obviously, these would be a little too large for 12 year old or younger players.

Ease of Use

An outfield glove is supposed to make catching the ball easier, not more challenging. Sadly, some brands didn’t get this memo when crafting their products. So it’s best to avoid these gloves by researching how easy each glove is to open/close with one hand.

Several resources, such as Reddit or reviews, can help you make this determination. Both will clarify what gloves will ensure catching balls is more manageable and what ones don’t. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve stopped me from making a terrible decision.

Break In Time

Anyone who owns a glove knows each one requires some time to loosen. So your goal is to find an outfield glove that takes little time to lose its stiffness. In fact, I’d recommend getting one with the shortest break-in time to get on the field as soon as possible.

Most brands will advertise how long it takes to loosen them within their product description. But I’d still rely on other customer testimonials before trusting them. You’ll get a more precise idea and won’t be left with a stiff glove that takes too long to loosen.

Comfort Level and Design Material

Outfield gloves will need to fit comfortably on your hand. It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how uncomfortable some options are. It can make trying to catch a baseball much more difficult and stressful. Not to mention that the poor breathability in some gloves can make you sweat excessively during your play.

As a result, take some time to familiarize yourself with each glove’s design material. You can then decide whether it’ll be much more or less comfortable. For example, I often choose cowhide or steer-hide options that best suit my needs.

But some people choose gloves made from synthetic materials. Doing so allows them to save money while sacrificing comfort when wearing them. You’ll need to decide where you fall regarding this particular debate.


Certain outfield gloves won’t stand up to regular usage. In these cases, I’ll require replacing them every season, making them very costly. So it’s vital to choose a glove with a reputation for being durable among people who’ve used it.

Based on my experience, I’ve found gloves made from synthetic material less durable. I feel much more confident in cowhide or steer-hide lasting a long time. They’re just well-designed and capable of handling constant use, although they have special maintenance requirements.

But even so, I’d still look at other people’s reviews for each option to get a better feel. Their negative feelings should be out in full force within these reviews. After all, nothing makes a ball player angrier than a glove that doesn’t meet expectations.

Pocket Size

Each glove will have a different pocket size, which becomes a highly impactful factor. For instance, a deeper pocket makes catching high-hit balls with less speed much easier. This type of glove is a must for people who play outfield positions.

Furthermore, this deep pocket emphasizes catching the ball rather than transferring it quickly to your throwing hand. It’s why most infield gloves often are smaller with less pocket space. So if you’re playing right, left, or center field, use a glove with a deep pocket. It’ll ensure you can make a play on whatever deep fly ball or line drive comes your way.


One of the more overlooked factors is a glove’s weight. An overly heavy glove can have a significant impact on your ability to make a play on the ball. So it’s vital to choose an option with lightweight construction.

In most cases, an outfield glove under 2 pounds is a fair choice. It’ll make moving it around easy while sturdy enough to catch a fly ball.


Outfield gloves will vary considerably when it comes to price. Buyers would benefit from setting aside a budget based on their needs and wanted features. It’ll help limit the available options to a more manageable number. You can then choose from the remaining options, knowing they all fit your needs. This process certainly helped me when purchasing my last outfield glove.

Color and Style

Of course, this factor isn’t the most important one, but outfield gloves do come in a wide range of colors and styles. So try to find an option that matches best with your overall personality.

After all, bringing a bit more style to the baseball diamond never hurts. So feel free to choose a glove with colors or design that matches your taste. It’ll help you feel more satisfied with the purchase than buying any old outfield glove.

For instance, I love the look of a traditional black or brown baseball glove. It provides a classic feel that meshes perfectly with what I want regarding design.

But someone else may enjoy an option with a little more flair, such as a blue or multi-color glove.

It’s best to lean into these wants because there are many available choices. I promise there will be a glove perfectly catered to your preferences if you look hard enough. In other words, don’t settle for the first available choice found on Amazon.


Most worthwhile outfield gloves will provide you with a warranty policy. It’s a crucial aspect because it protects buyers if the glove becomes unusable. Therefore, it’d be wise to ensure your final choice offers one.

However, ensuring the brand honors its provided warranty is also essential. It’s why sticking to top brands like Rawlings or Mizuno is a must when shopping for outfield gloves.

Reasons Why Outfielders Use Bigger Gloves

baseball gloves for outfielders

Outfielders primarily use bigger gloves because it provides them with longer reach. So it gives them a little more range when tracking hard-hit fly balls. After all, every inch of their arm’s length matters if you’re trying to prevent a gapper from being a double or triple.

As a result, outfielders are much better off choosing a 12-inch to 13-inch glove. It just makes their job of catching these deep-fly balls much easier. In comparison, an infielder needs a more compact glove to help quickly transfer the ball from its pocket.

What is the Lifespan of Outfield Gloves?

High-quality outfield gloves will last anywhere from two to five years. Of course, the amount of usage and care quality highly impacts this lifespan. But if you keep them in good condition, there’s no reason that you’ll have to replace them anytime soon.

Rawlings’s ‎PRORKB17 Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove is an excellent example of a high-quality option. It has an outstanding reputation for lasting much longer than available outfield gloves.



All in all, locating the best outfield gloves is a must for anyone who wants to be a solid outfielder. So remember to trust our buying guide, and the right choice will become apparent. You’ll soon have the perfect option to help catch any fly ball coming your way with ease.

But if you need any more help, let me know in the comment section. I’ll make sure to get you back on the right track. Thanks for reading!

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