5 Best College Baseball Uniforms in 2023

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best college baseball uniforms

Baseball uniform ideas can be limitless. How would you characterize the best and worst baseball uniform?

This question isn’t easy to answer and is often the subject of never-ending debates. Your choices and mine are highly subjective and usually based on personal preferences.

In this article, the selection of the best college baseball uniforms was based on various factors and criteria. Let us know in the comments section below if you agree or disagree with the rankings.

Best Baseball College Uniforms

Choosing the best college baseball jerseys is mind-boggling as there are about 1,000 teams and massive entries in the uniform database to scrutinize. Here is a list of the best college baseball uniforms.

1. Mississippi State Pinstripe Uniform


It’s the baseball uniform of the Mississippi State Bulldogs baseball team. It features a distinctive pinstriped pattern and a bold red-and-white color scheme. The player’s number is on the back written in red color, while the pants are solid white with stripes down the side.

In 1966, the uniform was first introduced as an alternative to the team’s classic maroon and white ensemble. It became the staple baseball attire since then.

Mississippi State’s baseball program has won multiple SEC championships while this design was used, such as in 1966, 1970, and 1971. It’s one of the most memorable uniforms of all time.

2. Ole Miss Baseball Uniform


The Old Miss baseball uniform is the official uniform of the Ole Miss Rebels baseball team. The uniform features a unique design and consists of a powder blue jersey with red lettering that spells out “Ole Miss” on the front and the player’s number on the back in red print.

It is characterized by the classic Ole Miss logo, which is a red and blue interlocking “U” and “M” on the hats. Its powder blue secondary color gives it a unique touch, helping it stand out in the field.

3. Vanderbilt University Cream Baseball Uniforms


Vanderbilt University’s baseball uniform features a cream-colored shirt with black outlines. The word “Vanderbilt” is printed on the front, and the jersey is complemented by a black hat with a letter “V”.

Vanderbilt has won three consecutive awards (2017-2019) in the D1 Uniform Tournament with this design. It’s no wonder that it’s often ranked as one of the best uniforms in college sports.

4.  Texas White Uniform


The Texas Longhorns baseball team wore this uniform. It is characterized by a white jersey with burnt orange lettering that spells out “Texas” at the front. The jersey’s number is on the back and also emblazoned in burnt orange.

The shirt is worn with white pants and a hat with the Longhorn Logo. The burnt orange lettering accentuates the uniform’s appearance while making it a classic design with a modern twist. The uniform’s colors look pleasant and elegant.

Perhaps, it’s the cleanest and coolest uniform out there. The Texas Longhorns baseball team ranked 2nd in the highest number of accumulated wins and holds the record of the most number of appearances in the College World Series. Hence, this retro-styled uniform can be associated with the team’s multiple victories.

5. Notre Dame Baseball Uniforms


The Notre Dame Baseball Uniforms are worn by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball team. They have navy blue shirts with “Notre Dame” written in bold white letters across the chest. These are worn with navy blue pants and navy-blue hats with the “ND” logo.

The design has a fresh, clean, and unique look. The team’s successes in the field contribute to the uniform’s popularity and high status. This iconic uniform was worn by the team when they won against Virginia in 2019.

How College Baseball Uniforms Are Made


College baseball uniforms are made of professional-grade materials. Here is a general overview of how these uniforms are created:

  • Design

The first step in the process is creating the designs, which involves creating a concept and logo, selecting colors and color combinations, deciding on the placement of the logos and numbers, and choosing font sizes and styles.

  • Fabric Selection

The fabric should be durable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and innovative with anti-odor technology.

  • Cutting

The fabric is cut according to design specifications. In modern times, computer-controlled cutting machines are used to ensure precision.

  • Stitching

The fabric is sewn together using industrial sewing machines to create the uniforms.

  • Dye Sublimation and Embellishments

Coloration, logos, numbers, and other graphics are added using a heat press or embroidery machines.

  • Quality Assurance

The finished products are inspected to ensure adherence to the design specifications and quality standards.

The Impact of Uniform Design on College Baseball


 Interestingly, uniform designs can impact a college baseball team in several ways.

  • A well-designed uniform can boost team unity, confidence, and morale. When players feel that they are part of a cohesive team, they are more likely to perform well on the field.
  • A team’s uniform design can provide a competitive advantage on the field. High-quality uniforms with moisture-wicking fabric can help players stay cool and dry. In turn, this can improve field performance.
  • A unique uniform design establishes a team’s branding and identity. It helps the team stand out among the rest and attracts many fans and spectators.
  • A uniform with unique color combinations can foster team trust and affinity and fan engagement. Fans are more likely to support the team, buy merchandise, and endorse the team on various social media platforms.

Criteria for Judging the Best College Baseball Uniform


While there are no standard criteria for choosing the best college baseball uniform, there are some factors to consider.

  • Design

Baseball uniforms should be visually appealing, with a color scheme, logo, and graphics that represent the college’s team identity and brand. Even old school baseball uniforms can look attractive if the design is unique.

  • Functionality and Quality of the Material

Baseball uniforms should be functional and comfortable to help improve performance on the field.

High-quality uniforms are lightweight, durable, breathable, moisture-wicking, easy to maintain, and sometimes with anti-odor technology. They allow flexibility and do not restrict mobility during the game.

  • Tradition

Classic designs and retro-inspired embellishments can foster a strong sense of connection and pride to the team’s history and legacy.

  • Innovation

Iconic baseball uniforms should feature innovative designs and materials that help them stand out in the crowd and among other college baseball uniforms. This can be done through aesthetic color combinations, unique designs, and new technology.

  • Popularity

The best college baseball uniforms have a solid and massive fan base. Fans choose them because they feel a sense of connection to a team’s identity. Many fans are also drawn to the team’s successes. Having supportive fans can help facilitate excitement, and boost the confidence and morale of the team.

  • Adherence to the Prescribed Rules

The NCAA establishes and enforces rules on baseball uniforms. For example, the player’s number should be printed on the back of the shirt with a font size of at least 6 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most popular color scheme for college baseball uniforms?

There is no exact answer to this, but the most popular color schemes in professional baseball uniforms are red, blue, and white. Red is the most dominant color, particularly in the MLB. Red and blue baseball jerseys are often popular.

How often do college baseball teams change their uniforms?

The frequency with which college baseball teams change their uniforms can vary depending on the team’s preference, budget, and any changes to the branding and designs. Some teams change their uniforms yearly, while others replace them every few years. Some teams also have alternate uniforms for certain games and occasions.

Are college baseball uniforms customizable for individual players?

Yes, baseball uniforms can be somewhat customized based on the players’ preference. Players can wear jackets under their uniform if the jacket has identical coloring to the uniform undershirts.

How much does an MLB uniform cost?

It can range between $100 and $400. It’s expensive, but the price is just right for its premium quality and durability.

What is the best material for a baseball uniform?

The best material for a baseball uniform is polyester because it allows more airflow and breathability during games. It is also lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

How do baseball teams decide what uniforms to wear?

Generally, the starting pitcher chooses the uniforms to wear in a game. However, teams generally have designated uniforms for home and away games they must use.


College uniforms are an iconic element of the baseball game. They reflect the identity, history, and preferences of each team.

The choices of the best college baseball uniforms can be subjective, but oftentimes, the main factors considered are the team’s successes and popularity.

Some uniforms pay homage to the team’s historical roots while others are throwbacks with modern twists. Some uniforms are designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for practical reasons, including playability and ease of movement.

Overall, uniforms are essential but not everything. Fans are also drawn to the performance and history of a team.

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