5 Best Batting Gloves for Baseball Players in 2023

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Ballplayers are constantly searching for ways to improve their performance at the plate. One common area where this search takes them is wearing batting gloves. After all, the right ones can help achieve a better grip on the bat while improving swing speed.

So it causes many people to try to find the best batting gloves for baseball players. But how does someone find the perfect batting gloves? I’ve been looking into it myself, as I always want to improve my awful batting average.

My experience searching for these perfect gloves led me to craft an in-depth buying guide. It’ll walk you through all the crucial buying factors when buying these baseball gloves. Here’s a little snippet of the discussions about them to offer a solid launching point:

Design Materials

You’ll want to choose batting gloves made from high-quality materials like leather or top-rated synthetic fabrics. Also, you can opt for gloves with shock absorption features (such as gel padding in the palm) or anti slip silicone fingertips to improve your grip on the bat.


Sweaty hands are the enemy of a successful batting experience when playing baseball. Look for ventilation in quality gloves that use breathable materials like nylon, Lycra, or spandex. In addition, any batting glove with a dimpled mesh or ventilation holes will have improved breathability


Batting gloves offer much more price variation than people expect. So crafting a budget based on your preferences becomes valuable during this process. It’ll help you limit options to a manageable number and prevent overspending.

3 Premium-Rated Picks


WB score


Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0

Sizes: Youth XS – Adult XXL

Design Materials: Synthetic leather gloves

Age range: Youth and Adult


WB score


Franklin Sports ‎20966F1

Sizes: Youth Small – Adult X-Design Materials: Genuine leather gloves

Age range: Youth and Adults


WB score


Easton ‎8074756 Gloves

Sizes: Adult Small – Adult X-Design Materials: Blend

Age range: Adult

5 Top-rated Batting Gloves for Baseball

1. Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Baseball Batting Gloves

Size: Youth XS – Adult XXL

Design Material: Synthetic leather gloves

Color: Black (7 other available options)

Age Group: Youth and adults

Weight: 0.29 pounds (0.13 kilograms)

Closure type: Hook and loop

Seibertron’s B-A-R PRO 2.0 Baseball Batting Gloves are one of the more convenient options available for ballplayers. These top batting gloves earn this praise by having many user-friendly features like hook and loop secure wrist closure.

Another convenient feature would be the multiple ventilation areas. It’s a massively impactful aspect because it provides top-tier breathability. As a result, it prevents sweaty hands to ensure a more comfortable feel and better performance at the plate.

I was delighted with this product’s extra padding for anti-vibration, as well. It allows me to swing at fast pitches without shock or stinging sensations. Therefore, it provides an advantage over Franklin Sports’ ‎MLB Baseball Batting Gloves with minimal padding.

Buyers should pay attention to this product’s excellent grip quality, too. Seibertron did an outstanding job leaning into their Super Grip Technology to ensure it performs in this area. I never lose control over my swing with my improved grip on the bat from wearing these awesome batting gloves.

One final attribute to catch my eye was the reliable, durable construction. The synthetic leather used in making these gloves clearly is a high-quality material. And thanks to the reinforcement around the index finger and thumb, I haven’t seen a single sign of wear or tear after using them for several months.

My only concern with these top-rated batting gloves is the sizing often runs small. I heard from multiple other buyers about their products arriving slightly smaller than expected. So anyone interested in purchasing these synthetic gloves should take this into consideration.


  • Easy to adjust with hook-and-loop wrist style closure
  • Top-tier breathability via multiple ventilation areas
  • Anti-vibration padding reduces shock and stings
  • Excellent grip quality from using Super Grip Technology
  • Reliable, durable construction made from synthetic materials


  • Sizing runs small

2. Franklin Sports ‎20966F1 MLB Baseball Batting Gloves

Size: Youth Small – Adult X-Large

Design Material: Genuine leather gloves

Color: Black (5 other available options)

Age Group: Youth and adults

Weight: 0.22 Pounds

Closure type: Velcro strap

The Franklin Sports ‎20966F1 MLB Baseball Batting Gloves are versatile with their vast size choices.

Furthermore, these professional batting gloves meant for college baseball or MLB more than met my expectations. Look no further than the incredible palm padding system, which provides excellent sting and shock absorption. I’ve been wearing batting gloves from the brand for months and still haven’t experienced any issues.

I was also pleased with the genuine leather palms of these gloves. It’s crucial because this material has helped get the ultimate grip and bat control. I no longer even think about the possibility of my bat slipping from my hands when I wear batting gloves made by Franklin.

Similarly, these adult/youth baseball batting gloves offer top-tier breathability. The mesh-vented hand backs are incredible at ensuring air circulates. So I never have to worry about sweaty hands, which was an issue with my previous Evoshield Batting Gloves.

The high-quality features continue beyond there, too. These batting gloves also use Tri-curve Technology to ensure a comfortable fit around a batter’s hands for a better grip. Again, it’s an area where other batting gloves from subpar batting glove brands often fail.

I was surprised by the construction of these Franklin batting gloves being relatively thin. It offers less support than I’d get with other thick batting gloves. Otherwise, these products had no trouble helping me keep control of my bat and improve my batting average.


  • Suitable for almost all adults and kids (multiple size choices)
  • Excellent shock and sting absorption with palm padding system
  • Genuine leather design improves grip and bat control
  • Promotes breathability with mesh-vented handbacks
  • Tri-curve technology provides top-tier comfort and fit


  • Thin construction

3. Easton ‎8074756 Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves

Size: Adult Small – Adult X-Large

Design Material: Blend (goatskin leather and stretchable mesh)

Color: Black (7 other available options)

Age Group: adults

Weight: 0.14 Pounds

Closure type: Velcro cuff with pull tab

Easton’s ‎8074756 Gametime Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves don’t make this list for being the most advanced or coolest batting gloves. But they offer a straightforward and reliable performance from their blended construction. It makes them as valuable as any other good batting gloves.

For instance, the goatskin leather palms on these gloves offer excellent comfort. It was clear from the moment I put them on that these gloves were on another level. I couldn’t believe how better it felt compared to my previous Nike batting gloves.

Meanwhile, these gloves are also embedded with a stretchable mesh material. It’s a pivotal trait because it heightens overall breathability. Therefore, it’s another reason these gloves rank so high on my comfort scale.

One final worthwhile positive feature is this product’s easy cleaning process. I hand-washed them in warm water/soap for a few minutes, and the loose dirt/mud came right off these gloves. Once done, I only need to rub two or three drops of conditioner to keep the product in tip-top shape.

But the appearance of these Easton Gametime Batting Gloves is a little bland. Even the colors besides black don’t pop off the screen like many batting gloves. However, I learned to live with it quickly thanks to its other excellent benefits.


  • Reliable, straightforward blended construction for long-term use (goatskin and mesh)
  • Excellent comfort level with goatskin leather palm
  • Stretchable mesh material offers outstanding breathability
  • Effortless to adjust via Velcro cuff and pull tab
  • Hand wash compatible for easy cleaning


  •  An unappealing appearance

4. Clutch Sports Baseball/Softball Batting Gloves

Size: X-Small – XX-Large

Design Material: Sheepskin leather

Color: Bam Pow! (9 other available options)

Age Group: Youth and adults

Weight: 0.13 pounds (0.06 kilograms)

Closure type: Velcro wrist closure cuff

Finding the best youth batting gloves or adult batting gloves can be extremely difficult. But Clutch Sports’ Baseball/Softball Batting Gloves make it easier via various size options, ranging from X-Small to XX-Large.

However, versatility isn’t the only area where these batting gloves excel. They also offer a superior grip and feel with their sheepskin leather palm. Therefore, I feel much more comfortable at the plate than with most batting gloves found at Dick’s.

The pre-curved finger pattern certainly helps batters feel comfortable, as well. It allows these gloves to adapt effortlessly to most users’ hands. As a result, it feels like I’m using custom batting gloves that I had developed explicitly based on my hand measurements.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook the velcro closure cuff, either. It makes removing and putting on these gloves much easier than most popular options. It’s nice not having almost to dislocate my shoulder when pulling them off like I have to do with other gloves.

Furthermore, Clutch Sports packaged all these excellent features into color and bright designs. It brings a different personality and style to the gloves, which is a nice touch. Buyers would have difficulty finding a louder set of batting gloves (youth or adult) than these.

As for flaws, the strap’s durability is questionable. It has started to show minor wear and tear after only a few months of use. So any buyer should be extra cautious when utilizing these leather gloves to avoid any issues.


  • Ideal batting gloves for adult and youth ballplayers (multiple size options)
  • Sheepskin palm offer a superior grip and top-level feel
  • Pre-curved finger pattern adapts effortless to most users
  • Easy to remove and wear batting gloves with velcro closure cuff
  • Bright, colorful designs


  • Strap durability isn’t very good

5. Marucci ‎MBGBKSMFW-BR/TN-AS Baseball Batting Gloves

Size: Adult Small – Adult XX-Large

Design Material: Goatskin leather

Color: Brown and tan (5 other available options)

Age Group: adults

Weight: 0.2 Pounds

Closure type: Wrapping elastic wristband

Our final option, the Marucci’s ‎MBGBKSMFW-BR/TN-AS Baseball Batting Gloves, is easily the most durable batting gloves on this list. Their tough, rugged leather construction won’t have a single issue lasting several years with proper care.

A notable feature is the goatskin palms on these batting gloves. This feature ensures a batter’s comfortable while preventing friction from becoming a problem. It’s the perfect balance of what I’m looking for in adult or youth batting gloves.

I was also pleased with the wrapping elastic wristband found on these gloves. It secures and stabilizes my wrist so I can feel confident at the plate. Therefore, it’s easy to see why many baseball and softball players swear by these gloves.

The flexible fabric back also helps by providing exceptional air circulation. Its breathability and sweat prevention are so impressive that any batter would find ideal. It’s certainly a level above what I’d see from a more standard option, such as Warstic Batting Gloves.

Additionally, I’ve found other ways to use these batting gloves. I have used them to play softball, shop work, cut grass, weed whack, and many other applications. In fact, using these gloves has become an excellent way to prevent blisters when doing these activities.

Sadly, these incredible benefits come with one downside. These leather batting gloves are easily the most expensive pair on this list. So buyers will need to decide whether all these beautiful features are worth the increase in cost.


  • Tough, rugged leather construction with incredible longevity
  • Comfortable, friction-resistance goatskin palms
  • Promotes wrist stability with wrapping elastic wristband
  • Flexible fabric back offers breathability and air circulation
  • Wide variety of applications (baseball, softball, work, etc.)


  • A higher-priced option

What to Look for When Buying Batting Gloves for Baseball


Buying a top-tier pair of batting gloves will require considering several factors. So it’s time to look more in-depth at all these crucial aspects. You’ll soon know how to determine the best softball batting gloves or baseball batting gloves for your situation.

Design Materials

The first thing to consider with batting gloves is their main materials. After all, these fabrics will play a massive factor in their performance and longevity.

Regarding durability and breathability, I like to choose leather batting gloves with ventilation holes or stretchable mesh within the material. Doing so meets both my requirements to an absolute tee.

But someone who wants their gloves to be more flexible would prefer something other than premium quality leather. Instead, they’d be much better off with synthetic gloves. These options are known for their ability to stretch and fit a person’s hand more effectively.

Other common materials used in batting gloves are nylon, spandex, and Lycra. I’d recommend these options to people who have issues with sweaty hands. It’ll help them have a better grip on the bat.

Comfort Level and Size

Comfort level is a massive consideration with batting gloves. Honestly, it’s genuinely unbearable and counterproductive to swing using gloves that don’t fit properly. They’ll do much more damage to your average than improve it.

Given this info, choosing batting gloves with an agreeable fit is imperative. So you’ll want a pair capable of providing a tight but flexible fit around your hands. Buying options with adjustable Velcro straps is an easy way to find this balance. These components make getting the perfect fit much easier.

You’ll also want to ensure you’re selecting the right batting gloves. So please, measure your hands beforehand (palm to middle finger). You can use these measurements to find a suitable glove size.


One common area of concern with batting gloves is breathability. If the gloves don’t provide some ventilation, your hands will become unbelievably sweaty. It’s an issue that can cause the bat to slip when you’re taking a hard cut at some fastballs.

As a result, I always recommend looking at options with ventilation holes or mesh. Both will allow air circulation into the gloves to ensure sweat is limited and keep your hands cool. You then shouldn’t have any issues keeping hold of your baseball bat.

Customer reviews will be an excellent resource for an option’s breathability. It’s one of the aspects that gets talked about most in them. So these reviews will offer a detailed experience of how a particular set of gloves handles sweat issues.

Provided Grip

Ballplayers often turn to batting gloves because they’re suffering grip issues. In other words, they need help controlling their bat at the plate. So they invest in a high-quality pair of gloves to help give them more control via a secure grip.

As grip quality is one of the more valuable features, researching this aspect is among the first things I do when looking at any batting gloves. The key is to find gloves with rugged or sticky surfaces located on their palms.

This area is another one where other customers’ experiences will help immensely. It’s an easy way to determine if the grip measured up to a fellow player’s expectations. Then, you can decide quickly whether it meets your specific needs.


Batting gloves are made by several different brands. Sadly, many craft defective products that only hamper a batter’s performance. So it becomes essential to research each of them thoroughly during this buying process.

You’ll want to buy products from a batting glove line with a stellar reputation. I’d suggest looking at forums like Reddit to get a good idea about each. People often take their frustration out on subpar manufacturers on these sites.

I also want to note that the brands mentioned in this article are top-rated. So if you want to skip the research process, these will provide excellent batting gloves. I’ve been recommending them to all my baseball friends for years.


One feature you should never overlook is the level of maintenance required. For leather gloves, you’ll need to occasionally apply leather or glove conditioner to keep them in good shape. Otherwise, the material may dry and crack.

In contrast, most other materials don’t call for conditioners.


The cost will always be an essential factor in every buying decision. Purchasing batting gloves is the same, especially considering the price variation. So it becomes invaluable to create a budget based on your specific needs.

For instance, if you want breathable and durable gloves, you’ll need to spend more money. Your budget should reflect this increase to ensure it remains realistic. It’ll then become a handy tool for managing the number of available options.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times creating a budget has helped me. I would’ve made numerous buying mistakes and spent too much money.

What Kind of Baseball Batting Gloves for Sweaty Hands?


Sweaty hands are a common nuisance when at the plate. So if it’s a problem, use gloves made from nylon, spandex, Lycra, or other breathable fabrics to avoid slippage. These options are specifically made for their ability to prevent sweat from becoming an issue.

Some excellent examples would be Franklin Sports’‎20966F1 Baseball Batting Gloves or any Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves. Both are known for their top-tier breathability to stop build-up. I can attest from personal experience how well they fare in this area.

Should Batting Gloves Be Loose or Tight?

It’s best to find a balance between being loose and tight with your batting gloves. In other words, you want them to be tight but not overly so. Otherwise, it’ll hamper bat speed. You’d be surprised how much impact overly tight batting gloves can have on performance at the plate.

So I’d recommend testing your gloves’ fit during practice before using them in a game. Finding a not-too-tight but snug fit on your hands will become much more manageable. Once you do, there won’t be any slippage issues or hampering of hand movement.

Tips to Know What Size Batting Gloves to Get

Figuring out the proper size for batting gloves isn’t too complicated. It only requires measuring the length of your hand (from the palm to the middle finger). From there, it’s just a simple act of matching the measurement with the dimensions of available batting gloves.

Manufacturers will simplify this process by providing the measurements in the ad description. Most will even provide a size chart to ensure it’s not an issue.

Tips to Keep Batting Gloves From Smelling

There isn’t much a person can do to keep their batting gloves from smelling. Your only action is trying to limit it as much as possible. Due to this, the easiest way would be to clean them after a few uses to avoid smelly issues.

As for the cleaning process, I’ve found soaking them in warm water and liquid dish soap effective. You should then let the gloves air dry rather than place them in the dryer. Once dried, the gloves will be ready to be set in your baseball bag with all your other equipment.

It has helped maintain the condition of my gloves on several occasions. Plus, it only takes a little effort compared to maintenance tasks for other products.



It’s time to use what you’ve learned and find the best batting gloves for baseball players. Once you do, I’m sure your performance at the place will become much more protective. The perfect pair should help you reach your potential as a hitter.

But if you have more questions, please let me know in our comment section. I’d love to continue this conversation and alleviate concerns during this search. Thanks for reading!

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