Are Nokona Gloves Worth the Money? The Answer Will Surprise You!

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are nokona gloves worth the money

Fielding balls in baseball can be impossible to do without suitable gloves. Thus, the Nokona gloves products exist to solve this issue. But how good are Nokona gloves when assisting a catcher?

Whatever the case, the Nokona brand holds a vast area for discovery. And while it is still imperfect, it certainly offers features complementing fielding needs.

Are Nokona gloves worth the money? We’ll answer that in this article.

Are Nokona Gloves Worth the Money?

For those aware of what these gloves can offer, Nokona gloves are worth the money. However, for people who don’t select the most suitable pairs for themselves, the answer may be the opposite.

The Nokona baseball glove review featured herein emphasizes the importance of sensitive and mindful buying over impulsive purchases. While an open attitude towards possibilities seems fun, it does not always end up nicely for the buyer. And matters like baseball gloves should not be left to chance.

Nokona Gloves Review: A 2022 Update


According to one Reddit entry, Nokona gloves are suitable for pitchers. Compared to brands like Wilson, Rawlings, Marucci, and many more, these gloves give the softest leather feel.

However, the Nokona gloves tend to be more expensive than the rest, although rightly so.

Many Reddit users attest to the comfortability level inherent in the Nokonas. They also say that the gloves are beautifully-designed and are extremely easy to break in.

Moreover, the gloves are effective in catching balls. In one instance, a user held the glove for several hours. But even with that length of time and the amount of pressure exerted on it, the glove remained soft yet firm enough for holding the ball.

Overall, the only complaint the users have on the glove is that it tends to be heavier and more expensive. Other than that, the Nokona gloves seemed like a golden choice!

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Nokona Gloves

Are Nokona gloves good? Here is a list of some of the Nokona glove models and their respective pros and cons to help you decide:

1. Nokona X2 Elite 1200

This Nokona glove model is famous for its closed back and web, ideal for fast-pitch, in-field actions.


  • 12” size ideal for fast pitches in fielding or simple pitching
  • Has closed back and web
  • High-quality leather


  • Pocket leather is easily torn

2. Nokona X2 Elite 33.5”

Another Nokona baseball glove model that is impossible to dismiss due to its elite packaging and efficiency, the X2 Elite proves to be one of the lightest Nokona gloves.



  • Highly expensive
  • Loose straps

3. Nokona Walnut Series 13-Inch

Those looking for thick, glossy, and standout walnut baseball gloves are sure to find satisfaction in the Nokona Walnut 13-inch series.


  • 13-inch adjustable size
  • Has walnut crunch steer hide leather
  • H-web design
  • Can be used for softball


  • Takes time to break in

4. Nokona WB-1275M

For players who need a credible outfielder glove that feels comfortable, the Nokona WB-1275 will deliver!


  • Top-grain leather
  • Doesn’t feel stiff
  • Provides additional support and grip
  • Highly durable


  • Shipping may take a while

5. Nokona W-1150

Handcrafted like the rest of the Nokona gloves, the W-1150 model is of a superior standard. And it has all the right features to be so.


  • Provides stability, durability, and support
  • Has the ideal fit
  • Walnut crunch leather with 1-year guarantee
  • Standard handcrafted design


  • Slightly heavy

Players Who Use Nokona Gloves

Here is a list of MLB players who use Nokona gloves:

  • Blaine Hardy
  • Tim Mayza
  • Jake Newberry
  • Scott Barlow
  • Austin Brice
  • Colten Brewer
  • Cody Anderson
  • Wilmer Font
  • Tyler Saladino
  • Chris Mazza

Some MLB players even endorse Nokona gloves.

Is the Nokona Brand Trustworthy

Yes. The Nokona brand is trustworthy. The company has existed since 1926 and has since been leading the market in producing high-quality leather goods.

The company earned its iconic position from its handcrafted materials. Since its establishment in a small town in Nokona, Texas, its craftsmen have not stopped designing gloves from top-grade leather materials.

As a result, experiences surrounding the use of the Nokona products, specifically baseball gloves, range from high comfort to superior pitching support.

Products by Nokona include belts, bags, glove conditioners, wallets, shoes, pet accessories, mitts, palm and wrist savers, hats, etc.


So, are Nokona gloves worth the money? The simple answer is yes. For one thing, the Nokona brand fulfills the two primary purposes of baseball gloves: comfort and support.

At the same time, Nokona gloves also provide protection, stability, confidence, and enhanced performance on the pitcher’s part. As a brand per se, Nokona has got a lot up its sleeve.

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