Trot Times for May 21, 2013

Time for the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – 20.69 seconds [video]
It's hard to say this without sounding like a buzzkill, but there's no celebrated feat in baseball more worthless than hitting for the cycle. It's just a neat little accounting oddity. However, I still find it fun to see when someone actually accomplishes the feat – especially when they complete the cycle with a late inning home run like this blast from Mike Trout.

Slowest Trot: Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco Giants – 25.44 seconds [video]
A walkoff blast from the Panda made possible (at least a little) by a misplay in right field from Bryce Harper. Sandoval clearly enjoyed the view with this swat.

More importantly, I have to ask: did Panda actually touch home plate? Usually, in these scrums at home plate during walkoff events, the camera is placed in a way where you just have to assume the runner touched the plate. For Sandoval, however, we got a nice view from behind him as he scurried into the scrum. But watch that left foot – does it ever actually touch the plate?

Okay, maybe it does touch home, but it certainly wasn't obvious at first. And it's not like anyone was ever going to wipe away Sandoval's home run and make the Giants and Nationals continue the game anyway. But it does make you wonder about some of these modern-day home plate scrums…

Quickest Trot: Chris Dickerson #1, Baltimore Orioles – 17.69 seconds [video]
Dickerson's second home run of the day was not nearly as fast, clocking in at 20.26 seconds.


All of Today's Trots

Pablo Sandoval.....25.44   Devin Mesoraco.....20.69
Miguel Cabrera.....22.75*  Mike Trout.........20.69
Yoenis Cespedes....22.57   Daniel Descalso....20.44
Jeff Keppinger.....22.51*  Chris Dickerson #2.20.26
Delmon Young.......22.28   Howie Kendrick.....20.11
Brian McCann.......22.01   Travis Snider......20.08
Nate McLouth.......21.68   Evan Gattis........20.08
Colby Rasmus.......21.43   Josh Hamilton......20.04
Andy Dirks.........21.4	   Jimmy Paredes......19.62
Desmond Jennings...21.33   Kelly Johnson......19.29
Troy Tulowitzki....21.26   Chris Dickerson #1.17.69

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