Trot Times for May 13, 2013

A pretty great day for home runs, all things told. Let's get right down to the trots.

Home Run of the Day: Justin Upton, Atlanta Braves – 19.6 seconds [video]
I for one am shocked to learn that Justin Upton hit the ball a really, really long way while playing a game in Chase Field. Shocked.

If it weren't for Justin Upton's return to Arizona, this category might be nothing but Aaron Hicks. Not only did he hit a pair of bombs for the Twins on their way to a victory over the White Sox, Hicks also made this outstanding catch to rob a home run from Adam Dunn. It's basically unfair.

Slowest Trot: Jason Kipnis, Cleveland Indians – 25.64 seconds [video]
Just another inexplicably slow trot from an Indians player. This one doubly so considering that Kipnis typically runs out his trots to the tune of 21 or 22 seconds. The next slowest trot was Andy Dirks' first career grand slam, which he ran out in 23.71 seconds.

Quickest Trot: Josh Rutledge, Colorado Rockies – 19.06 seconds [video]
One of five trots (out of fifteen) to finish in under twenty seconds.


All of Today's Trots

Jason Kipnis......25.64
Andy Dirks........23.71
Matt Holliday.....23.63
Victor Martinez...23.44
Chris Johnson.....23.27
Alfonso Soriano...23.09
Brian McCann......22.56
Mitch Moreland....21.93
Yoenis Cespedes...21.6
Aaron Hicks #2....20.13
Paul Goldschmidt..19.82
Justin Upton......19.6
Brandon Moss......19.52
Aaron Hicks #1....19.47
Josh Rutledge.....19.06

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