The Descriptive Hall of Fame Ballot: 2010

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I tend to think of the Hall of Fame ballot in groups – the no-brainers, the close-calls, the nice guys, and so on. And I doubt I’m alone on this. Ask anyone what he thinks of a few of the eligible players, and you’re bound to hear this same sort of categorization in some form.

With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to redraw the Hall of Fame ballot in such a way that allowed the voter to clearly define what category each player falls under. And since these categories hardly, if ever, change from year-to-year, the basic layout of the ballot wouldn’t need to change. You can see a glimpse of the ballot below.

This is the first attempt at a more descriptive Hall of Fame ballot, including my selections for the Hall of Fame this year. Feel free to argue the ballot design or the Hall choices I made below. Larry Walker, Kevin Brown, and, especially, Rafael Palmeiro were the ones I wrestled with the most. (In fact, as I type this, I want to change the Palmeiro vote – and, when/if I do, I’ll immediately want to change it back.)

If people want a blank copy of the ballot, I can probably manage that some way.

Larry Granillo

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