Guest Post: The Hall of Irrelevance

There’s been a whole lot of talk about the Hall of Fame in the past few weeks (some might even say too much). With the election of Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar, there’s been a lot to talk about. But the story that has really dominated much of the conversation is the support that Jeff […]

“Hells Bells” and The Hardball Times

This is a bit longer than I intended. Click here if you’re looking for a link to today’s Hardball Times article on Trevor Hoffman and “Hells Bells”. In case you missed it yesterday, it was announced that Trevor Hoffman would be officially retiring from baseball some time this afternoon. After enjoying his career from afar […]

Milwaukee Brewers Valued at $45, Repossessed

On tonight’s premiere of Onion Sportsdome on Comedy Central – which I found mostly funny, though they tried a little too hard at times – we were teased with a story that had some relevance here. It wasn’t exactly the city of St. Louis handing over all authority to Albert Pujols, but it was still […]

The Brewers’ Awesome Prize Giveaway Promotion

The Brewers announced something really cool on Tuesday: for forty straight days this winter, the club would be giving out one prize a day to their season ticket holders. The initial announcement was only a tease, highlighting a few of the bigger prizes (run in the sausage race, slide down Bernie’s slide, sign a major-league […]

New THT post, a podcast, and Bert farts on Bill Madden

A couple of quick notes this morning before the Hall of Fame announcement comes (and, no, I was not responsible for the hack – though I bet that admin password was pretty darn easy to guess. It was probably one of: baseball, bbwaa, aaron755, ruth714, winsrule, blylevensucks, TEHFEAR, werthersoriginals, youhadtobethere, or penis.): My latest […]

Podcast tonight!

It’s kind of short notice, I know, but I will be joining my good pals The Common Man and Bill from the Platoon Advantage for another podcast tonight at 9pm Central. As you can imagine, with the Hall of Fame election results being announced tomorrow, the podcast will be a bit Hall focused. It should […]

An Editorial Look at the BBWAA

On Saturday, the Chicago Tribune announced the Hall of Fame ballots of the seven BBWAA members who work at the newspaper. Among the seven voters, there were seven votes cast for Roberto Alomar, five each for Bert Blyleven and Tim Raines, and four for Barry Larkin. Jeff Bagwell, quite possibly the best player on the […]

Missing live baseball?

Missing baseball here in the depths of winter, when a Rams/Seahawks Week 17 game is all that ESPN & NBC can muster as a “Game of the Week”? If you are, then you should definitely check into Jeff Polman’s