Trot Times for August 7, 2013

Let's get right to the trots! Home Run of the Day: Justin Upton, Atlanta Braves – 23.74 seconds [video] Not to harp on the Braves/Nationals series for yet another day, but there were few other memorable trots on Wednesday night. Let's recap real quick: Monday night, Upton crushed a ball down the left field line […]

Trot Times for August 6, 2013: Bryce Harper’s Plunking

The rest of Tuesday's trots will be coming. In the meantime, it's already pretty easy to know who had the Home Run of the Day… Let's get to the trots! Your browser does not support iframes. Home Run of the Day: Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals – 23.66 seconds [video] Boy, this was a fun one. […]

Trot Times for August 1, 2013

Seventeen players hit home runs on Thursday. Four of those seventeen hit two home runs each. That has to be some kind of record. Let's get to the trots! Home Run of the Day: Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles – 26.26 seconds [video] Davis was not one of those four players, but he did crush a […]

Trot Times for July 29, 2013

Three walkoff home runs in only nine games yesterday! What are the odds of that? Even better, how does one choose which walkoff to award Home Run of the Day? Decisions, decisions. Let's get to those trots. Home Run of the Day: Jason Giambi, Cleveland Indians – 22.92 seconds [video] At 42 years old, Giambi […]

Trot Times for July 28, 2013

Quiet. A master is at work. Home Run of the Day: Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers – 19.11* seconds [video] Bottom of the 11th inning in a scoreless game. With one swing of the bat, Yasiel Puig grows his legend even more. As the ball sails over the fence, Puig flips his bat in triumph […]

Trot Times for July 25, 2013

I know, I know. It's been a long week of returning to baseball after the All-Star break. My apologies. Things should get back to normal pretty soon around here. As an apology, enjoy this Heathcliff comic strip: Let's get to the trots! Home Run of the Day: Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals – 19.33* seconds [video] […]

Trot Times for July 22, 2013

Well, that All-Star break went on a little longer over here at the Tater Trot Tracker than it should have. I have a good excuse! I'm still stuck in the rain delay at the Wrigley Field Pearl Jam concert! (That's okay. It was awesome.) The rest of the weekend's trots will come soon enough. Let's […]

The First “Half” in Leaders of 2013

Well, it's not exactly the first "half," but we find ourselves at the All-Star break nonetheless. And though things haven't been quite as exciting on the basepaths this year (especially in the inside-the-park category), there have been a number of notable trotters to fill the time. Listed below are the ten quickest and ten slowest […]

Trot Times for July 11, 2013

A quick little day for home runs, so let's get right to the trots! Home Run of the Day: Josh Phegley, Chicago White Sox – 20.82 seconds [video] There's an episode of "Parks and Rec" where Ron becomes so obsessed with the shoe shines that Andy gives that he ends up, ahem, taking it a […]

Trot Times for July 10, 2013

Let's get right to the trots! Home Run of the Day: Hanley Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers – 26.88 seconds [video] I usually reserve the Home Run of the Day for the most momentous homer around the league, whether it's a walkoff or a huge blast or what. Sometimes, though, I just have to give it […]

Trot Times for July 9, 2013

Apologies for being away these last couple of days. The missing trots will be filled in soon. Meanwhile, we get to deal with today's trots, which include ten home runs from the Cubs and Red Sox combined (not to mention multiple home run games from Dayan Viciedo, Kendrys Morales, and Adrian Beltre). Let's get to […]

Trot Times for July 6, 2013

It was a hot one around the country yesterday, helping lead us to a nice 38-homer day. We can probably expect more of the same today. Let's get right to the trots! Home Run of the Day: Josh Hamilton, Los Angeles Angels – 18.93* seconds [video] Down by four with two outs in the ninth […]

Trot Times for July 4, 2013

There were certainly some fireworks going off yesterday around the league! /lamepuns Let's get to the trots. Home Run of the Day: Wilson Ramos, Washington Nationals – 24.57 seconds [video] I may have been tempted to put Adam Dunn's walkoff blast in this spot, but then I was afraid of subjecting you to a Hawk […]

Trot Times for July 3, 2013

Fireworks are calling. Let's get right to the trots! Home Run of the Day: Jason Kipnis, Cleveland Indians – N/A seconds [video] It's almost unheard of to have an inside-the-park home run and be able to get a reliable time for the trot. Even if the camera doesn't follow the batter-runner perfectly around the bases […]