Arrested Development Baseball Card Set, Pt. 2

Part 2 of the baseball card set from the Terrific GirlfriendFiancee. Part 1 can be found here.


Kitty – Red Sox
Don’t promise crazy a World Series*!!! Kitty is fiercely loyal and yes, kind of crazy. But hey, if you aren’t crazy you aren’t living.

Say goodbye to THESE!!!!
*It sure felt that way for the past two years.

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J. Walter Weatherman – Detroit
Grizzled and has seen it all. Jim Leyland would chop his arm off to teach us a lesson, “And THAT’S why you don’t get swept in the World Series!”


Lindsay – Cardinals
Lindsay Bluth and La Russa are experts at false outrage. If there’s anyone who would start an argument over the brightness of stadium ribbon boards, it’s her.


Maggie – Diamondbacks
She’s pretty much a snake. They’re snake-y.


Larry Middleman – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Hired to be the surrogate while George was under house arrest. Angels are kind of the surrogate team of LA/Anaheim/Disney World/San Juan Capistrano or wherever they end up next.


Rita – Mets
I imagine the Mets refer to World Series as pop pop too. And the fact that they call it that shows me that they aren’t ready for it yet.

Staircar – Baseball Hall of Fame


Cornballer – Management

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