Your Fake Baseball Update

Two quick notices, one about a league you’ve heard of before and one announcing a new, exciting league to follow (featuring some names much more interesting than my own)…

At the beginning of the month, I let everyone know about the battle for the postseason that my 1977 Dodgers team was waging over at Play That Funky Baseball. Only one game behind WHYGAVS’ 1977 Pirates, the Dodgers hoped to take it to Pittsburgh and spring into first place.

If you had been watching the standings, or tuning into the live Tweetcast of the game, you would’ve seen the Dodgers blow a huge chance late in the game and go on to lose the game. In the aftermath of the blown opportunity, the Dodgers quickly fell out of contention, even with Pittsburgh’s best player sidelined. The Pirates will now be hosting the Kansas City Royals in the 1977 World Series. It may just be the most positive news Royals and Pirates fans have heard in 15 years!

As for the announcement: starting last week (and, yes, I am a terrible person for not having mentioned it earlier), I am now the proud manager of the 2008 Brewers in another Seamheads Strat-O-Matic league! And, once again, I am the least of the managers involved – which is great for me, but not so much so for them.

My 2008 Brewers – chosen because, in this league, the Brewers were placed in the NL, and, really, there’s only one good Brewers team since they switched to the Senior Circuit – will be facing off in the Central against Jerry Crasnick’s 1990 Reds, Morgan Ensberg’s 2005 Astros, and Bob Costas’ 2004 Cardinals. Other managers you might recognize include Roy Firestone’s 1970 Orioles, Dirk Hayhurst & Keith Olbermann’s 1992 Blue Jays, John Hart’s 1995 Indians (both in Strat and in real life!), Rany Jazayerli’s 1977 Royals, Tim Cowlishaw’s 2009 Rangers, Eric Karabell’s 1977 Phillies, and Curt Schilling’s 2001 Diamondbacks. You can see the full, impressive roster of managers over at Seamheads.

For some reason, the start of this Strat season has been sped up considerably. We are already 50+ games into the season and, currently, I sit one game under .500 and five games behind Crasnick’s Reds. Hopefully, having a full season of CC Sabathia and his god-like performance will get me caught up soon enough.

The off-season can oftentimes feel long and cold. If you ever get that way, I recommend taking a peak at some high-quality and fun fake baseball either over at Play That Funky Baseball or the Seamheads Strat-O-Matic 50th Anniversary League. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Larry Granillo

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