The Best In-Stadium Giveaway Ever

I posted this on Twitter earlier this evening, but I thought it deserved it’s own post here. Below is a picture of the single best in-stadium giveaway I’ve ever received. I found it again tonight after I had “put it away” a year or two back:

I got this “How to Keep Score” clipboard at a Fresno Grizzlies game in August 2005. It was actually the last night I lived in Fresno, as I headed on out to Milwaukee the next morning. My brother and I celebrated the night with a bunch of one-dollar, Thirsty Thursday beers and this awesome clipboard.

Size-wise, it’s about 9×12, hardly bigger than a piece of paper. Very convenient for taking to the ballpark. And while I need absolutely no help in keeping score, it still makes me happy to score on it. It’s like the last, ultimate piece of the baseball nerd uniform, and I’m proud to wear it.

(And while we’re talking about keeping score, here’s the piece I wrote almost two years ago in defense of the pad and pencil.)

So what’s the single best item you’ve ever received from an in-stadium giveaway?

Larry Granillo

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