SABR Day in Milwaukee

I know this is rather late notice, but I figured I should probably mention it here anyway in case it interests anyone…

Tomorrow – Saturday, January 29 – is SABR Day. It’s a day where SABR chapters all across the country hold a big meeting to talk baseball and celebrate what a terrific organization SABR is. In the depths of winter, when the big news of the day is what Brian Wilson wore on George Lopez last night, it’s a very satisfying distraction.

SABR Day in Milwaukee will be held tomorrow morning at 11 A.M. at Long Wong’s Sports Bar (near Miller Park). The guest of honor will be Brewers GM Doug Melvin. There will also be a couple of research presentations from the group that were also presented last August at the national convention. I will be giving my Peanuts Baseball presentation at the meeting.

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If you happen to show up, feel free to stop by and say “hi”. A few things you should know about the meeting if you do go: from what I understand, Doug Melvin is expected to be there right at 11 A.M., so you won’t want to be late. The meeting is in the back room of Long Wong’s, so just keep going to the back until you find us. Long Wong’s asks that everyone in attendance purchase the provided buffet for $15, including a free drink. And, finally, you should expect the meeting to last at least 2 hours, with all the talk and presentations.

It’s going to be a fun time. Hope to see you there!

Larry Granillo

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