Last Day for the 2011 Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest

Today is the last day to get your predictions in to the the 2011 Wezen-Ball Predictions Contest. I hope everyone who waited until today saw what they needed to see in yesterday’s six games to make up your mind!

We now have over 130 entries for the contest. Let’s try to pick it up to 150 and beyond by the end of the day. Feel free to let everyone know about it. Can’t hurt, right? Yankees fans, in particular, might like to know that something like 98% of entries are picking the Red Sox to win the division.

So get to it. One last day for your chance to win 2 Free Tickets to any 2012 baseball game*! Go here for the rules

Now go get your vote in!

Larry Granillo

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Larry Granillo has been writing Wezen Ball since 2008 and has dealt with such touchy topics as Charlie Brown's baseball stats and Ferris Bueller's day off. In 2010, he got the bright idea to time every home run trot in baseball; he has been missing ever since.