An Editorial Look at the BBWAA

On Saturday, the Chicago Tribune announced the Hall of Fame ballots of the seven BBWAA members who work at the newspaper. Among the seven voters, there were seven votes cast for Roberto Alomar, five each for Bert Blyleven and Tim Raines, and four for Barry Larkin. Jeff Bagwell, quite possibly the best player on the entire ballot, received zero votes from the seven qualified voters.


Over at the Baseball Think Factory thread discussing the announcement – where there was much dismay by the collective ignorance and/or homerism of the Chicago voters – one commenter pointed something interesting out. Of the 500-some-odd voting members of the Baseball Writers Association of America, at least one is a political cartoonist (Aislin, of the Montreal Gazette).

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That seemed a bit silly to me, a political cartoonist somehow being responsible for electing Hall of Fame members. But then again, much of the BBWAA’s voting process confuses me. Inspired by this bout of confusion, I took it upon myself to draw an editorial-style cartoon about the issue. Click the image below or go here to see a bigger version.

One thing I will say: this free-hand-art-thing is tough. The sentiment, though, I hope gets through. I’ll be interested to hear what everyone thinks of this slightly different type of content here at Wezen-Ball…

Larry Granillo

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