Awesome Image of the Day: Houston Astros & NASA Astronauts

Click the image to get a bigger version. View all NASA Mission posters here, including the hi-res version of this (warning: 40 MB PDF).

Not sure there’s a lot I can say about this that you can’t see for yourself immediately (i.e., that it’s awesome), but I had to post it. This is an official NASA Mission Poster for the upcoming Space Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-132. Set to launch in May, it will be the final mission of the Atlantis.

The six crew members are visible in the dugout alongside Astros players Chris Sampson, Bud Norris, JR Towles, and Hunter Pence. And check out those baseball cards along the top – you’ve gotta love Mission Specialist Garrett Reisman’s action shot, though there’s something incredibly wrong with British astronaut Piers Sellers’ card.

For more ridiculous/awesome mission posters from the very cool people at NASA, check this out.

(Thanks to the Terrific Girlfriend for the great find!)

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