Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions Contest Update #3

Now that we’ve gotten through two rounds of the playoffs, it’s time for a quick update to the Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions contest. Here’s the update from last week, and here’s the details about the contest.

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After the LDS, we were lucky to have even four of the 31 contestants choose either the Giants or Rangers as LCS participants. Needless to say, with both teams pulling off massive upsets, the field did not do well. Only four contestants even had a chance at predicting even half of the World Series participants – only one actually did.

My buddy from back home, Ryan G., the Giants homer who is being proven right right now, stayed true to his homer ways and picked the Giants to go all the way. He is the only person to earn points this week, and the only person to have a chance to earn points before the end of the Series.

For those who don’t want to click through, the top five entries so far are (and remember, we still have the rest of the playoffs and the post-season awards to get through):

Leaderboard, through end of regular season
1. Zach Sanders (Fangraphs), 73 Pts. 
2. Ryan G., 67 Pts. 
2. Sean (Bucco Fever), 67 Pts. 
4. Daniel (Camden Crazies), 65 Pts. 
5. Mark (Sabermetric Emotionalist/It’s About the Money), 62 Pts.

Don’t forget, the contest goes all the way through the postseason awards. Correct choices of MVP, ROYs, and Cy Youngs can all earn 3 pts for each correct prediction. Those who chose Halladay or King Felix or Josh Hamilton should be feeling pretty good. Those who chose Pablo Sandoval or Stephen Strasburg, not so much.

But that’s where we are right now. I’ll update the contest again once the Series ends. It should be a fun one, even if no one in this contest has much of a gambling interest. How are you looking with those postseason awards? Can we beat Ryan (that Pablo pick is gonna kill him, I think)?

Larry Granillo

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