WAR on your Birthday, Revisited

On this day last year, I wrote a piece called “WAR on your Birthday“. October 28, after all, is my birthday, and I was interested in finding out who the best players were who had the same birthday as me. The answer wasn’t very interesting: Bob Veale, who accumulated 27.6 Wins Above Replacement (Rally method) in his career.

Though everyone seemed to like the list I created, it wasn’t perfect. It only showed the top WAR leaders for each day of the month. So, on days like November 21, it would be impossible to know, from that list, that both Ken Griffey Jr. and Stan Musial were born on the same day.

I’m correcting that this year. If you head on over to the new list, you find the five best players born on each day of the year, as measured by Rally WAR. The totals only go through 2009, so someone like Tim Lincecum or Roy Halladay or Evan Longoria is bound to move up some when Rally publishes those numbers. In the meantime, if you’re curious how they stack up, Baseball Reference has an updated Rally WAR value for everyone in the league.

I think that about covers everything. Feel free to take a look at the calendar of the best player born on your birthday. Who’s the greatest player ever born on your birthday? The second greatest? The third? Can you top my Bob Veale, Tommy Tucker, Juan Guzman combo? I’d love to hear it.

Larry Granillo

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