Quick Note & “The Tenth Inning”

I’m going to be busy running errands all afternoon and evening, so the Tater Trot Tracker post for today is going to be delayed. I’ll do my best to get it up some time this evening.

In the meantime, yesterday I participated in a discussion panel with Norman Einstein’s, an online sports monthly, to talk about my thoughts on Ken Burns’ “The Tenth Inning”. Obivously, with my pieces on Tom Boswell and Jose Canseco earlier this week, I had some thoughts on the documentary. Click on over to Norman Einstein’s latest issue to check out the discussion between Ben Birdsall of There Are No Fours, Brian Blickenstaff of Touch And Tactics, Drew Fairservice of Ghostrunner On First and Walkoff Walk, Patrick Truby of There’s No “I” In Blog, and yours truly.

For other takes on “The Tenth Inning”, I recommend Bill over at the Platoon Advantage and Jeff Polman (of Funky Ball fame) at Seamheads. Good stuff from those two.

Larry Granillo

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