Predictions Contest Details (UPDATED)

UPDATE #2: The predictions contest is now closed. Thanks everyone for your submissions. Now all that’s left is for the 2010 season to play out. I think we can handle that.

Yesterday, I posted the Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions 2010 community spreadsheet for everyone to view and edit. In the announcement yesterday, I wrote this:

I’ve also opened up the spreadsheet to everyone. If you’re a Wezen-Ball reader and would like to register your 2010 MLB predictions somewhere – including team wins for all 30 clubs, postseason series, and award winners – or if you’d just like to see how everyone else is predicting the 2010 season, click on over here to view the Wezen-Ball MLB Predictions 2010. Just follow the instructions within the document; it shouldn’t be too complicated. … If there’s enough interest, maybe we can come up with some kind of prize for whoever has the best predictions. An ESPN Insider subscription? A t-shirt? Ballcap? So go on, get your predictions in and let me know what you think.

I’ve thought about it a little more, and this is what I want to offer as a prize: the winner of the predictions contest will receive 2 Free Tickets to any 2011 baseball game*!

Sweet, right? Okay, that’s not exactly accurate. Because not everyone lives near a major league (or minor league) team, and because not all ticket prices are the same, the winner will actually receive a $30 gift certificate to either or the team of their choice. In theory, that’s enough money to get two tickets to any game in any city and should be nice enough incentive for those who can’t make it to a game.

I’ll detail the scoring system in a later post, but you can expect it to award points for picking correct finishes, correct postseason berths, and accurate win totals. The only thing I ask is, if you fill out a prediction sheet, please leave a comment here or on the original post to let me know your email address. I’m not asking you to make it public – just filling out the “Email” field is enough. I need to know who filled out each sheet, and this seems like the best way to do it. You can also email me directly.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the predictions spreadsheet and get your predictions in! I’ll update this post with the full details up tonight.

UPDATE: So here are the basic rules and scoring details for the contest.

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  • One entry per person. Entries must be complete by the end of the day, Monday, April 5. At that point, I will lock the spreadsheet so no more changes can be made. It will remain publicly readable, though.
  • Entries must be associated with an email address. Like I said above, please feel free to either email me directly or leave a comment on this post.
  • The scoring will be as follows:
    • For correct predictions of teams finishing 3rd place or worse: 1 pt
    • For correctly predicting 1st or 2nd place finishers (even if flip-flopped): 3 pts
    • For correctly predicting the 1st place team: 3 pts (in addition to the previous 3 pts)
    • For exact predictions of team wins: 5 pts
    • For predictions within 2 victories (plus or minus) of the actual finish: 2 pts
    • For correct Wild Card participant predictions: 2 pts
    • For correct LCS participant predictions: 3 pts
    • For correct WS participant predictions: 3 pts
    • For correct WS winner predictions: 3 pts
    • For correct award winner predictions: 3 pts

I think that does it. If anyone has any questions about the scoring, or if something doesn’t look right, please let me know. It’s much better to re-examine things today than it is in, say, October.

Thanks again, everyone. I hope you have fun.

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