Keeping Busy: Podcast & THT Article

I know, it feels like forever since I posted something here. And I guess a week isn’t a short period of time or anything. But, I’m happy to report, it’s not like I’ve been doing nothing in the meantime.

On Sunday, Bill and the Common Man from the always excellent Platoon Advantage joined me for a podcast to discuss this offseason’s Hot Stove on the eve of the Winter Meetings. We talked Derek Jeter, Cliff Lee, Adrian Gonzalez, zombies, and a lot more. Go check out the podcast (and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!) or click “Read More” to listen to it here. We had a great time with it.

The other piece keeping me busy recently went up this morning over at The Hardball Times. In light of cranky sportswriter Bill Conlin receiving the Spink Award yesterday (and, effectively, becoming a Hall of Fame writer), I thought it was important to remember that he wasn’t always so, shall we say, comfortable. He used to write interesting and inventive pieces for the Philadelphia Daily News, like when he wrote the game story for the game that Mike Schmidt hit his 493rd career home run as if it were a report being filed by a space alien forced to observe the sport from above:

A visitor from another planet, beamed into the giant saucer of Veterans Stadium for a Close Encounter of the Four Base Kind last night, may have returned to his civilization with a report that went something like this:

It seems their god of night is Baze-Baal, a deity who could be connected to the Baal worshipped by some of the early Semitic tribes discovered during the Earth-probe in Epoch 12 of the 23rd Millennium.”

That’s a real article from 1986! Go check it out and tell me if I’m wrong for even attempting to give Conlin the benefit of the doubt. (Oh, and I’ll be writing at least one piece a week over at THT. Look for them every Wednesday morning.)

(Click “Read More” to listen to the podcast.)

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