Jack Zduriencik is “Daddy Warbucks”

Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik and Annie’s Daddy Warbucks

A few weeks back, the good folks over at Walkoff Walk suggested that the Seattle Mariners uber-GM Jack Zduriencik deserved a good nickname:

This would accomplish two things. First, it would probably save us the trouble of learning how to spell his last name whenever we talk about him. Going hand in hand with this first objective, is the fact that we probably should be talking about him quite a bit, because over the last two years it has become readily apparent the guy knows how to run a good organization.

He’s been indirectly lauded through two pieces about players in whom Zduriencik recognized value where others did not. This, when coupled with his bonanza of offseason activity in recent days, including acquiring a Cy Young winner for a song, and fixing one of Bill Bavasi’s biggest mistakes while landing a bat that could still have an impact if used properly, reveals that Zduriencik is not one to sit on his hands and hope for the Angels’ egregious amount of Pythagorean record luck to run out. Rather, he’s out to get them, and has already positioned his team as not only the favorite in the AL West but also the hearts and minds of adventurous gamblers.

(Sorry for the long blockquote, guys.) It’s a sentiment that I agree with 100%. I gave my suggestion in the comments on that original piece, and, with the news today of his fantastic deal with Felix Hernandez, I think it’s high-time that we re-visit it. May I suggest, then, that, from now on, Jack Zduriencik be referred to as Daddy Warbucks?

I mean, look at that picture. The resemblance is uncanny. Not only that, but the name has some great wordplay, suggesting sabermetrics (Wins Above Replacement) and smart money-management (not to mention Seattle’s Starbucks coffee). If there’s a good reason not to give Jack Z. this nickname, I can’t think of it.

So get on it, internet. I want to start seeing people besides myself and 310tojoba using the “Daddy Warbucks” nickname by Opening Day. Now who do I see about that?

Larry Granillo

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