Fired Joe Morgan

Big news in the baseball world this evening: according the New York Times’ Bats Blog, ESPN will not be bringing back the Jon Miller/Joe Morgan pair for Sunday Night Baseball next year. Morgan’s contract was not renewed, while Miller’s exact contract situation isn’t clear (possibly coming back to radio).

This seems to have made a lot of people happy. After all, was popular for a lot of reasons. Still, I’m not sure it’s going to make as much of a difference as some people seem to think. I wrote up my thoughts on why that’s the case over at Awful Announcing.

Having to listen to Joe Morgan rail against the modern game, give nonsensical analogies, worship at the altar of Willie Mays, and, above all, show his disdain for anyone who dared to take an intellectual approach to the sport on a weekly basis was painful. There were more than a few times that I chose not to watch a Sunday Night Baseball game because I didn’t want to put up with Morgan’s active ignorance.

But Morgan wasn’t the only problem with ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. I don’t even think he was the main problem with Sunday Night Baseball…

Head on over to Awful Announcing to read the full post.

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