El Dorado de Octubre

For my World Series Preview post, I didn’t want to do the same thing that everyone else is doing. After all, you can only read so many analyses before they start blurring together. Besides, I’m doing a World Series Preview podcast tonight with Bill and the Common Man from Platoon Advantage and a couple of guests. There’ll be plenty of room there for your traditional analysis.

Instead, for the blog post, I thought I’d do something a bit more creative. For both the Giants and the Rangers, I’ve written the tale of their World Series journey in the style of a classic poem. Both poems I chose are short and simple, so you don’t need to worry about paging through Beowulf here. I’m pretty pleased with how they came out, though.

Below is the Giants’ tale. The Texas poem – Nolan’s Land of Playoff Ball – can be found here. Feel free to let me know what you think about the poems or the Series.


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El Dorado de Octubre

Barry Delight,
A Giant in white,
Who plays this game of shadows,
Had conquered the stats
Swinging his bat,
In search of El Dorado.

But he grew old –
This Gi’nt so bold –
And o’er the West a shadow
Fell as they fought
For that top spot,
The so-called El Dorado.

And, as his bat
Knocked out its last,
He met a pitching marvel –
“Timmy”, said he,
“Where can it be –
This land of El Dorado?”

“From the Mountains
Of my mound,
Out the depths of Willie’s shadow,
Ride my heat inside”
Timmy replied –
“And I’ll lead to El Dorado!”

Larry Granillo

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Larry Granillo has been writing Wezen Ball since 2008 and has dealt with such touchy topics as Charlie Brown's baseball stats and Ferris Bueller's day off. In 2010, he got the bright idea to time every home run trot in baseball; he has been missing ever since.