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I just wanted to take a moment here to let those of you who might have missed it on Twitter know that I have a new post published over at Beyond the Box Score. BtB has always been one of my favorite blogs, and I’m happy to be asked to contribute  (even if it is on smaller basis). The plan is to only write about once a week over there. If Wezen-Ball begins to suffer because of this, I’ll stop posting at BtB. But I don’t see that happening. Actually, I think it may even help – having a regular schedule and a group of people to bounce ideas off of is always a nice thing.

For my initial offering, I took a brief look at the surprisingly old Jayson Werth (31 years old just last week) and asked “can Corey Hart have the same late-blooming career?” There aren’t really any conclusions drawn since we’re talking about the future (and “Time will tell” is not a conclusion, as certain friends of mine will tell you), but I thought the question was interesting. The two guys are surprisingly similar.

So go check it out over at Beyond the Box Score and let me know, here or there, what you think.

Larry Granillo

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