Your Friday Video Fun: Silver Spoons and Baseball Cards

Well, it’s going to be another short post today, so I thought I’d give you all some more video fun. If you guys are liking this, or not, please let me know. I know it’s a little different than the kind of stuff I normally put up here, but a little fun and games every now and then can’t hurt anyone. Or can it?

Anyhow, today’s video comes all the way from October 1985 (right when I was celebrating my 5th birthday). It’s a fabulous episode of Silver Spoons called “The Great Baseball Card Scheme.” When Grandpa overhears Rick and CarltonAlfonso talking about their baseball card investments (a 1955 Whitey Ford for $2?!), he enlists Rick’s help in cornering the market on the 1984 Topps Tommy Lasorda baseball card (at least that’s what I can tell from looking at the small piece of cardboard in his hand), and then orchestrates a rumor that has Tommy being a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame. After fielding a call from Peter Ueberroth and inflating the price so much that Rick cheats Carlton out of his awesome velcro wallet, Tommy Lasorda himself shows up (looking svelte! the Slim-Fast must’ve been working that year) to keep things from going too haywire. It’s all enough to teach an innocent trust-fund teenager a lesson in fairness and the power of the dollar. They were better times, the 1980s.

Honestly, I don’t remember anything from this episode, but it’s hard to resist this five-minute re-edit. Enjoy your Friday video fun (and let me know how you’re liking this)!

Larry Granillo

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