Video Fun Friday: Homer Celebrates the Postseason

Today marks the last weekend of the 2009 regular season. It’s come way too soon, if you ask me, but it truly is here. Only three more games left, and then we’re on to the postseason.

Yesterday, the Rockies beat the Brewers in Denver to clinch a spot in the playoffs, the seventh of eight teams, and the fourth and last from the senior circuit (or the AAAA League, if you prescribe to that viewpoint). The reigning NL Wild Card champs could only look on as the Rockies celebrated their own (likely) Wild Card berth. It could not have been the most pleasant feeling for the Brewers, especially considering their prospects at the start of the season.

For the Rockies and their fans, however, it had to be an exciting afternoon. After all, the last time they made the playoffs, the club rode a similar hot streak into the Wild Card slot and then kept riding it all the way to the World Series. There’s little reason to think that something like that couldn’t happen again. As a fan, that’s something worth celebrating.

To honor the Rockies and their playoff berth, as well as all the other teams still alive for October on this final weekend of the year, I thought it’d be appropriate to share this clip from The Simpsons. I’m pretty sure that the good men of Springfield are celebrating an actual championship here, but it still seems fitting. Enjoy.

As a bonus, here’s the dialog from the point in the episode immediately before the clip begins. It’s one of my favorite Simpsons moments. “Sniper at the all-star game” is still brilliant.

Homer: What’s the hub-bub? Did Moe finally blow his brains out?
Lenny: Quiet! We’re watching the Isotopes.
Homer: Shut it off, they’re losers.
Carl: Where you been? The Isotopes are on fire!
Moe: Yeah, that sniper at the all-star game was a blessing in disguise.
Lenny: Now we’re in the championship game!
Homer: Championship? Hmm?
[Homer ducks out of the bar for a moment, and reappears totally decked out in ‘Topes gear]
Homer: Woo! ‘Topes rule! [guzzles a mug of beer]
Brockman: Well, here’s a die-hard fan. Sir, your beloved Isotopes are about to make history. Any thoughts?
Homer: Uh-huh, it’s a great team, Kent. We never gave up hope… I wanna thank Jesus, and say hi to my special lady Marge. We did it, baby! Whoo! Whooooo!
Brockman: The inspiring words of a fan who’ll always root, root, root for the home team. Even if they lose this ga …
Homer: They lost?! Those losers!
Brockman: No, no, no, the game’s not over.
Homer: Whoo! Not over! Whoo!
Brockman: There you have it … whoo.

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