Baseball Bloggers Alliance Awards: Rookie of the Year

Earlier this week, I talked about the Baseball Bloggers Association and the BBA Awards. I cast my initial ballot for Manager of the Year in that post. Well, with Rookie of the Year ballots due today, it’s time for another post revealing my choices.

My Rookie of the Year ballot is going to be short and sweet. For some reason this year, I never got a chance to follow any of the major ROY candidates. I know about them all, sure, but, outside of Milwaukee’s own Casey McGehee, I just never got to see them all that much. So, while my ballot might be a little less informed than others, I still think I have a pretty good handle on who the top stars are. Whatever the case, I’ll just have to do my best. At least I know my weaknesses.

My official ballot as a “General” blog will be cast for the National League, but, in the interest of completeness, I’ll list an American League ballot as well.

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AL Rookie of the Year

1. Elvis Andrus, SS, TEX
2. Brett Anderson, P, OAK
3. Jeff Niemann, P, TAM

Anderson and Niemann are two guys that jump out statistically, especially to someone like me who had almost no chance to see the A’s or Rays play this season. But I’m going to have to go with Elvis, who won the starting job at shortstop in Spring Training and never did anything to make the Rangers doubt their decision. Playing at the most important position on the field for a surprisingly competitive team at the age of 20, Elvis had a respectable bat, great instincts on the basepath, and a dazzling glove.

NL Rookie of the Year*

1. Andrew McCutchen, CF, PIT
2. Tommy Hanson, P, ATL
3. Casey McGehee, IF, MIL

First off, I have to throw the hometown guy a little love. Casey had a strong bat all season, despite being shuttled all over the infield and being utilized poorly by Ken Macha, who would leave him on the bench for a week at a time despite having the best bat (and an okay-glove) of all the options. But as good as he was, he can’t compete with the other two. Hanson held down a starting spot in a strong Atlanta rotation and was a key reason for their playoff push, but McCutchen is the Rookie of the Year. Starting in centerfield for the Pirates, he gave the Pittsburgh crowd something to root for all season, with strong defense and a great campaign as the lead-off hitter. Garret Jones is another young Pirates rookie who will get some ROY consideration, but it’s McCutchen who deserves to win.

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