Finding Guides Online

A quick note that I discovered earlier today:

As part of their Book Search service, Google is now offering full text searching of certain magazines. They haven’t released a full listing of what magazines are available, but the examples they cite include Popular Science and Ebony. Poking around it myself, I’ve discovered that the full back-catalog of Baseball Digest Magazine is available, meaning that every page of every issue can be viewed (and searched) online for free. That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially considering their annual preview issues (check out the 1948 or 1962 or 1989 issues).

Couple this with the complete text search abilities of the Sports Illustrated Vault, and we can get a taste for just how cool this digital age really is. It effectively grows my preview guide collection by decades.

I plan on adding a page to the blog focusing on these external sources, for later reference. I figure it could be useful.

And now something cool just for reading…

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